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Archery & Ranges

Estrella XXXIII Treaty

Estrella XXXIII Treaty

Basic Schedule for Adults

Tuesday Morning – Opening the practice range

Wednesday Morning – Opening the practice range

Wednesday Afternoon – Royals officially opening the Scenarios Range

Thursday Morning –  KRA Prize Shoot: Dream Together.

Thursday Afternoon – Queen’s Champion Shoot

Friday Morning – Ivarr’s 2nd Annual Estrella War Traditional Shoot

Friday Afternoon – Baronial Prize Shoot: The Hunt (hosted by the Barony of Ered Sul)

Saturday Morning – The Lord of the Rings Estrella Champion qualifying shoot

Saturday Afternoon – The Estrella Championship Finals (Zombie Race)


Ivarr’s 2nd Annual Estrella War Traditional Shoot

To be styled based on the shooting at the Mark the Yeoman did on the way to Sunday praise in England.

The shoot will be held Friday morning, first arrows at 10am.  The targets will be clout.  Single arrow per target, closest arrow wins that point.  6 targets each round, then they are moved.  Shoot will consist of 7 or 9 rounds, dependent upon time.

Due to the nature of this shoot, all entrants MUST be present at 10 to participate.  Bow shooters will be divided into two groups: 34lb draw and lower, and 35lb draw and above.  Any adjustments will be posted at the range.  Targets will be set at distances from 35 to 80 yards.

 Thrown Weapons At Estrella War!!!!

Come on over to the Thrown Weapons Range. Knives, Axes, Spears and Spikes are allowed. No other weapons are allowed. All Weapons must be checked by Marshall In Charge before throwing.

Children 8 years old and up are allowed with Parent/Legal Guardian. Parent/Legal Guardian must stay with child at the Range

Range will be open from 9am to 5pm Thursday to Saturday. Practice and Training during open Range Time, Unless a Competition is going on.

Thursday; Open Range for Practice and Training 9am to 5pm

Friday; Open Range 9am to 1:30 pm

2pm to 5pm Ladies Only Champion Competition


Special Event on Friday from 2pm to 5pm.  Ladies Only Estrella War Champion Competition. Ladies come down to the Range and try your hand at throwing. This is a Ladies Only Competition. Pick your two favorite weapons to throw for the competition.



Saturday Schedule: Open Range 9am to 11am

Closed from 11am to 1pm for Lunch

1pm to 5pm The Estrella War Champion Competition and Youth competition

Saturday: Must sign in for Estella War Champion Competition from 10am to Noon. You must be signed in for the competition before Noon.

Overall Estella War Champion Competition, this is open to Men and Ladies. Competition will start at 1pm.

Youth Champion Competition will start at 1pm. Youth 8 years and older, must have Parent/Legal Guardian with them.