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Archery & Ranges

Estrella XXXII Treaty

Estrella XXXII Treaty

Archery Schedule

Tuesday Morning: Opening the practice range.

Wednesday Morning: Opening practice Range and Ivarr’s Special shoot.

Wednesday Afternoon: Royals opening official Scenarios range.

Thursday Morning: Defend the Empire shoot.

Thursday Afternoon: Queen’s Champion Shoot.

Friday: Game of Thrones: War of the Five Kings prize shoot.

Saturday Morning: The Princess Bride qualifying shoot.

Saturday Afternoon : The Estrella Championships (Zombie Race)


Estrella War Archery
1st Annual Estrella War Traditional Shoot

Based on the Hereford Round shot in England. Hereford Rounds shot at a 122 cm / 48 in. multicolor face; the scoring is 9,7,5,3,1. Shoot will consist of 24 Arrows at 50 yards, 48 at 60 yards 72 and 80 yards.

Groups will be as follows…

You will declare which you are shooting for at the beginning of the shoot. Period can compete in Open Hand bow if they choose but then they are NOT also in Period unless they shoot another set a scores… Same for Crossbow

Period Bows with self-nock arrows.. Men and Women
Long Bows, Flat bows and Horse ect.. They can have a shelf but no a cutout.

Crossbows Men and Women (if we get enough of both period and other I will add a new Group the following year)

Hand Bow Men Hand Bow Women

Places will be based traditional British Longbow Society (BLBS) system (most hits, highest score (of those who did not achieve most hits), and most golds (of those who did not achieve most hits or highest score.

Competition will be held Wednesday, Thursday or Friday each day.

If you shoot it over more than one day score sheet will still be turned in each day and held by myself or another official.

Hosted/ Purposed by Lord Ivarr Haukr