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Artisan Showcase

Hello Good Gentles All,

I am here to inform you of the wonderful Arts and Sciences Showcase for Estrella War: War of the Roses!!!

Arts and Sciences Showcase is to be held on ThursdayFriday, and SaturdayThursday is youth, from 10am-2pmFriday is Laurels, from 10am -4 pm, and Saturday is Populace, from 10am -4pm. The showcase will be held in the same space as the collegium, towards the back. Sign up is to be done by email to guarantee space, which can be emailed to artisanshowcase@estrellawar.org. on site entrance is acceptable, but space may be limited.
No documentation is required, no one has to stay with their displays (but are welcome to do so if they so choose), and there will be a populace and laurels choice for all three categories. What? Laurels voting on Laurels work? Yes, you heard correctly. Sometimes, it is nice to have your peers see your world and leave critiques, or vote for their favorite piece(s)! A Queen’s prize may be added, depending on the Queen’s attending the War.
If you have questions, wish to volunteer, or want to sign up, please email me at artisanshowcase@estrellawar.org!
Lady Ceridwen Verch Deykin
Estrella War A&S Showcase