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Artisan Showcase

An annual Artisan Showcase is held at Estrella War, to provide a setting where artisans can sit with medieval style works they have completed or have in progress, and discuss those pieces with SCA Peers and populace from many SCA Kingdoms. The event is intended to invite questions, advice, commentary and interaction between Peers, populace and artisans in a relaxed, social environment.

Traditional Showcase

All members of the populace are invited to participate, either as an artisan showing pieces, or as someone who wishes to view the displays and speak with artisans. Appropriate displays include all forms of Arts & Sciences studied in the SCA, including (but not limited to) calligraphy and illumination, furniture, heraldic display, clothing and accessories, armor, metalwork and casting, leatherwork, lace work, embroidery, beadwork, ceramic arts, glasswork, cooking, brewing and medieval style performing arts. Artisans who have documentation for their pieces are encouraged to bring the documentation so it may be included in their display.  It is for non-laurels in attendance only, and is the perfect medium for artisans to display their works and get to discuss their passion for their art form with the Laurels, Crowns and populace from all over the Known World.

Laurels Showcase

All members of the Noble Order of the Laurel from throughout the Known World are invited to participate. Appropriate displays are the same as the Traditional Showcase. Documentation and source material is heavily encouraged. In this Showcase the roles are reversed and the Laurels get the opportunity to share their body of works. Most importantly, their range of information and understanding of their art forms are yours just for the asking.

Artisans who wish to participate are encouraged to make reservations for display table space by emailing the Artisan Showcase Coordinator prior to the event. Each artisan may reserve a ¼, ½ or ¾ of a 6-foot table. While table reservations are not required, making a reservation will ensure table space is available for you when you arrive. Please provide a place card with your name, kingdom and group on it so that the attendees can place you with your art form(s).

The showcases will be held in Town Square. Please see the Special Events schedule for dates and times.

If you wish to participate in any of the Showcases, please contact the Artisans Showcase Coordinator.