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Atenveldt Minister of A&S Office

The following selections have been made for Estrella 34 Arts and Sciences Categories:

  • Tooled Leather (small item):

    Completed Item that can be documented to pre-17th Century Western or Eastern Europe in technique and can have a Historical or an SCA orientated usage of the item. (example: tooled leather book or scroll) A single item or a related set of items will be considered a single entry and total may be no larger than half a standard size of paper (8.5” x 5.5”) with a height of 4 inches or less. (EXCEPTIONS to this can be requested by Emailing the Atenveldt KMOAS IN ADVANCE). The piece of leather can be worked on in any way to have a design, initials, pattern or other decorative look applied to it. However, it has to be leather that has been cut, pressed or altered in some way of the leather itself. An airbrushed leather jacket is not a tooled leather item as the leather has not been worked, just painted over. [Use of any hazardous and/or toxic materials must be detailed within the documentation, and use of materials in a manner that may expose judges and audience to potential harm is forbidden.]


    Replicated or original work of art, any finished item made from metal or leather. Items can represent any office or position that permits the wearing of a crown or coronet either in the middle ages or in the SCA.  The item must represent the time period of pre-17th century or those that represent the entitle ranks with the SCA.   The item may contain cloth,or fabricated, cast, engraved, carved, chased & repoussed, or enameled elements as well as gems and pearls that are documentable to the pre-17th Century.


    Shoes must come as a pair and not as a single shoe.  The item can be made from any material known for shoes that is documented in the pre-17th century.  The shoes can represent in level of society and can be either adult female/male or that of a child.  The item must be wearable and functional in the day to day lives of those in the middle ages.