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Shopping! With all the fantastic things to do at war shopping tops the list. Estrella War boasts a variety of Merchants each eager to show their wares. From sandal to sword, goblet to throne you will find all you need to turn your home into a castle. Come join your old and soon to be new friends at the Food Court. Merchant’s Row: the only place to be!


Business Contact Name
Aesir Metalyrks Dave Demers
Age of Chivalry Brady Huffer
Alchemy Monster Michelle Young
Alter Years Janet Wilson
Amazonia & Estrias Essentials Erin Potts
B Coole Designs Barbara Coole
Banner Knife & Garb Bill Flemming
Board & Basket Larry Cole
Boots by Bohemond Michael Fine
Cactus Fire Pottery Chris Sowers
Calontir Trim Steven Boyd
Celtic Sun Traders Richard Baxter
Courtly Garb Grace Ten Elshof
Crossbow & Bolt Daniel Wickersham
CZ Gifts Collete Zieger
D & B Leather David Rogers
Darkwood Armory Scott Wilson
Desert Siren Christine Michele
Designs by Kate Kathleen Douglas
Eclectics Creations Bruce Goodman
Elenas Dust Devil Cafe Eileen Ochse
FaireBows Daniel Davidson
Feed the Ravens Margaret King
Firedryk Steel Frank Renn
Green Mountain Leathercraft Charles Wright
Greystone Garb Linda & Paul Reynolds
Gyptique Julie Houston
Hands of Mercy Hair Braiding Brandy
Hands of Mercy Massage Callista Harrison
Highland Blacksmith James & Senda McLaughlin
Icefalcon Armory Andre Sinou
King Weaver Chains Dorothy Roeder
Kings Sausage (V/T Express) Jureeporn Yimlamai
Manipulations in Wire Judy Sills-Olvera
McGilly Sassparilly Mark Palmer
Munitions Grade Arms Eric Chance
Oscars Meat Pie Shack Oscar Dike
Pastiche Inc Kay Marie Bell
patricks armoury jason smythe
Raymond’s Quiet Press Ray Mosseley
Riddle Me True Sara Edwards
Roadkill Salvage Leatherworks Nedra Frodge/James Pauquette
Rock Your World Bryan & Kim Blunk
S’Ages LLC Carolyn Jines
Sawdust Woodcrafting Steve Hanlan
Simply Stylish Kathi Richards
Steel n String Albert & Cheri Endsley
Sternedell Linda McLaughlin
StriveDreams Henna Joanna Twenty-Three
Strong Leather Goods Michael Strong
Temple of Siam Rithikrai Suvarowphorn
The Crafty Celt Danny Hansen
The Jester Hat Jeanne Panlener
The New Temple Steve Tangcharoen
The Norse Gypsy Forge George DC Parker II
The Silver Dragon Andrew Binning
The Treasury Irene davis
The Vagabond Tabby Kate Jones
Thyme Traveller Cathy Cass
To-Ply Fiber Arts Debbie Mead
Traditional General Store Linda Allen
Treasures of the Cairn Sandra Conners
Tres Sheikh Rockne & Pamela Parker
Viking Age Importers Skip Wilder
Viking Archery Supply Dayrl Merrill
Vixen’s Cosplay Closet Jill Ficcaglia
Wanderlust Importers Allison Smith/Stephanie Rippel
White Wolf & Phoenix Mary Jane Houghton
Wild Woman’s Wares Sarah Barnett
Windrose Armory Anita Van Hassel
Your Portrait in Fursona Jim Groat