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Shopping! With all the fantastic things to do at war shopping tops the list. Estrella War boasts a variety of Merchants each eager to show their wares. From sandal to sword, goblet to throne you will find all you need to turn your home into a castle. Come join your old and soon to be new friends at the Food Court. Merchant’s Row: the only place to be!

Merchant List

A1-2 Wanderlust Importers
A3 Windrose Armory
A4 Earth Art & Lapidary
B1 Darkwood Armory
B2-3 Banner Knife & Garb
B4-5 Gypsy Nonnies & Auroras Creations
B6 Twisted Sisters
B7 Manipulations in Wire
B8 Amazonia & Estrias Essentials
B9 Cactus Fire Pottery
C1 Nativearth
C2 Anaya Tribal(Toolbox Dance Studio)
C3 Celtic Sun Traders
C4 Icefalcon Armory
C5-6 Tres Sheikh
C6 The Silk Road Traders
C7 Green Mountain Leathercraft
C8-9 Greystone Garb
D1 Age of Chivalry
D2 White Wolf & Phoenix
D3 The Vagabond Tabby
D4 Odyssey Craftworks, LLC
D5 Steel n String
D6 Earth Walkers
D7-8 Pastiche Inc
D9 Purlesque
D10 StriveDreams Henna
D11 Duke Aaron Pottery
D12-13 Viking Age Importers
D14 Sawdust Woodcrafting
D15 FaireBows
D16 D & B Leather
D17-18 Traditional General Store
D19 Roadkill Salvage Leatherworks
D20-21 Medieval Merchants
E1 Calontir Trim
E2 Firedryk Steel
E3-4 Simply Stylish
E5-6 Alter Years
E7-8 Treasures of the Cairn
E9 Your Portrait in Fursona
F3 Munitions Grade Arms
F4-5 Kings Sausage
F6 The New Temple
F7 Weasel Inn
F8 McGilly Sassparilly
F9 Nebraska Weaving Supply
F10 Longship Luxury Goods
F11-12 Highland Blacksmith
F13 Strong Leather Goods
F14 Vixen’s Cosplay Closet
F15 Ring Weaver Chains
F16 Wild Woman’s Wares
F17 Baron’s Beauties
F18 Diffusing Lockets
F19 The Norse Gypsy Forge
G1 Riddle Me True
G2 Designs by Kate
G3 B Coole Designs
G4-5 Crafty Celts
G5 Acts Of Piracy
G6-7 Raymond’s Quiet Press
G8-9 To-Ply Fiber Arts
H1 Medici Mercantile
H2 Flying Skwirl
H3 Emery’s Enchanted Forest
H4 Thyme Traveller
H5 Kathryn’s Kreations
H6-7 Boots by Bohemond
H8-9 Crossbow & Bolt
J1 Aesir Metalwyrks
J2 Feed the Ravens
J3 Hands of Mercy Massage
J4 Hands of Mercy Hair Braiding
J5 Board & Basket
J6-7 The Silver Dragon