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Welcome to the Estrella War Marketplace. We are looking forward to a exciting and diverse shopping experience.
If you are looking to register as a vendor information can be found Here
A map of the merchant area will be published shortly and a list of Merchants will begin to appear late December.

Any question please contact Sir Donngal (Dave Demers) at Merchants@estrellawar.org.


Totals: 0 106
Alter Years A1,A2 2
WanderLust Import Trading Company A3,A4 2
Jesters Hat A5 1
SawDust WoodCrafting A6 1
Vagabond Taby A7 1
White Wolf and Phoenix A8 1
Munitions Grade Arms A9 1
Thyme Traveler B1 1
Steel And Strings B2 1
Pine Box Fraders B3 1
Shiney Viking bauble B4 1
Flying Fox Forest Studio B5 1
Ring Weaver Chains B6 1
Greystone garb B7,B8 2
Windrose Armory C1 1
The Silver Dragon C2,C3 2
Auroras Creations C4 1
Green Mountain Leather C5 1
Ice Falcon C6 1
Tres Sheik C7,C8 2
Your Portrait in Fursona D1 1
To -Ply Fiber Arts D2,D3 2
Designs by Kate D4 1
Feed the Ravens D5 1
Aesir Metalwyrks D6,D7 2
Simply Stylish E1,E2 2
The Treasury E3 1
Darkwood Armoury E4 1
Anya Tribal E5 1
Earth Walker E6 1
Handsverker E7 1
Battle Ax Burgers F1 ,F2 $2
Oscars Meat Pies F10 1
New Temple PT FOOD VENDOR F11 1
Banner Knife F12,F13 2
Purlesque F14 1
Highland Blacksmith F15,F16 2
Purple Dragon Shop F17,F18 2
Barons Beauties F19 1
Painting Wonderland F20 1
Livia’s Coffee Chaos Bistro FOOD VENDOR F3 1
Schepf Farms Space “The Coffe Truck” F4 1
Temple of Siam FOOD VENDOR F5 1
McGilly Sassparilly FOOD VENDOR F6 1
VT EXpress/Kings sausage Food Vendor F7 1
Elenas Dust Devil cafe F8,F9 2
Age of Chivalry G1 1
Pastiche G2 1
Du Puy Creations G3 1
Medieval Merchants G5,G6 2
Duke Aaron Pottery and Stuff G6,G7 2
Linen Garb H1,H2 2
Crafty Celts H3 1
Wild Womens Wares H4 1
Victoria’s Chandlery H5 1
Calontir Trim J1 $1
Patricks Armory J2 1
Celtic SunTraders J3 1
Boots by Bohemond J4,J5 2
Treasure from The Cairn J6,J7 2
B coole Designs J8 1
Manipulations in Wire K1 1
Amazonia K2 1
Strong Leather Goods K3 1
Vixens Cosplay Closet K4 1
Faire Bows K5 1
Eclectic Creations K6 1
Raymonds Quiet Press K7,K8 2
cactus fire pottery L1 1
Diva Dreads L2 1
Estrias Essentials and Mercantile L3,L4 2
D&B Leather L5 1
Traditional General Store L6,L7 2
Norse Gypsy Forge L8 1
Hawk and Dove L9 1
Hands of Mercy Massage and Baskets M1,M2 2
Firedryk Steel M3 1
Courtly Garb M4 1
Sew Mystical M5 1
Viking Archery Supply M6,M7 2
Riddle Me True Leathercraft M8 1
Viking Age Importers M9, M10 2