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Thursday, February 23
Queen’s Tea

Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth of Atenveldt Requests the honor of your company for afternoon tea to celebrate the beautiful Queens of the Known World and Estrella War The Twenty Third of February From Eleven to One held in Conjunction with Outland’s Prize Tourney. Lite refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Thursday, February 23
Pelicans and Protege Tea

Pelicans and Proteges of the Known World! Please join us for an afternoon of conversation, refreshment and relaxation on Thursday, February 25th, from 2pm-4 pm, under the big, red pavilion in the Barony of Atenveldt encampment. All are welcome! Finger food and beverages – both spirited and not – will be provided.

Friday, February 24
Royal Mixer

Greetings unto the esteemed Royalty of the Known World!

We, Morgan and Elizabeth, King and Queen of the sun drenched Kingdom of Atenveldt, do cordially invite you to join us in an evening of pleasantries and gentler pastimes amid the brutality of War.  Libations and dinner will be provided in a relaxed, social setting, to encourage you to leave the stresses of conflict and battle behind you.  All current seated Royalty and heirs are invited to attend.

Dinner will be served at 6pm on Friday, February 24th in Atenveldt Royal.

The Kingdom gift exchange will take place at the conclusion of this gathering.

Friday, February 24
Lord Albion, The Wayward Minstrel of Eir Dun

Lord Albion, the Wayward Minstrel of Eir Dun will be performing SCAdian favourites in a free concert in the Town Square Thursday at 7:00.

Albion has been a minstrel in the SCA for 30 years and has a vast repertoire of traditional folk songs from Ireland to Italy, songs from the 50s folk revival and music from current Celtic and Medieval Rock bands.  He loves to bring early music with a little twist to appeal to modern audiences, and is always looking to bring the creative anachronism of modern composers to the SCA.  His greatest musical influences include ‘Steeleye Span’, ‘Solas’ and ‘Blackmore’s Night’, but lives in a city filled with Irish musicians and dancers.  Albion has been Kingdom Bard of Artemisia twice and is currently Baronial Bard of Sentinels’ Keep.

Come enjoy an hour of fun and frolic, merry music, and tales of love and adventure; sing along with old favourites and learn some new ones!

roximately 30 minutes prior (1:30pm).

Green Fairy Friday
Friday, February 24th
7:30 to 11 pm
“I understand that absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.”  – Ernest Dowson
Join the Baroness and Baron of SunDragon under the Baronial Pavilion for the traditional Green Fairy Friday party.  There will be fun. There will be frivolity.  There will, of course, be Green Fairies.  Put on your fairy wings and come join them as they celebrate their last Estrella War as Landed Nobility.
SunDragon Baronial Court Night
Friday, February 24th
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Please come join your SunDragon Family for Baronial Court on Friday night at Estrella War.  Their Excellencies are looking forward to recognizing many deserving populace members.  You could be one of those people but you won’t know if you don’t go.  Court is immediately preceding the Green Fairy party and Ladyship Jaqueline de Normandie’s Vigil, so come ready to party into the night.
Please note that this court will be only for business by Their Excellencies.  Please forward any announcements you wish to be made during court to Emma Makeblise for announcement at another time.

Friday, February 24
Aten Party

Friday evening, join Us as we extend hospitality to all at the Atenveldt Party!  This grand celebration of friendship and camaraderie will take place in Atenveldt Royal, beginning at 8pm and continuing on until the drummers, dancers, and party goers have had their fill!  Snacks and libations will be provided; please be sure to bring your identification.

Best of the Branches & Known World Bardic
Friday, February 24
6:30 PM start
Known World Bardic will Start at 6:30 pm and be followed by Best of the Branches at 9 pm.

-Known World Bardic
ALL BARDS ARE WELCOME!!! The Barony of Atenveldt would like to invite all bards and entertainers to the 16th Olde World Bardic Festival at the 2017 Estella War.

The categories are:
Music – Instrumental & Vocal and The Spoken Word
Prizes for First, Second, and Third Place

-Best of the Branches Bards!!!

Calling all titled Adult Bards! Come test your mettle against your brother and sister bards to see who can lay claim to the title of Best of the Branches Bards!

The Best of the Branches Bards competition will take place in the Town Square on Friday, February 24th beginning at 9pm at Estrella War! Bring a chair, a mug, and your song book and be ready to be challenged!

The competition will run as follows:
1. All bards who CURRENTLY hold a BRANCH Bardic title are eligible to compete! This includes shires, colleges, and cantons!
2. There will be three official rounds. This will be single elimination with cut-offs at each round. Decisions will be made by Descendants of the White Oak so bring your A-Game!
3. As a courtesy to your fellow performers, the judge(s), and the audience and to ensure the bardic tournament runs in a timely fashion, please limit all songs to 5 minutes and all stories to 10 minutes. Thank you.

1. Round One: Perform a piece about your Barony, Shire, Canton, or College, be it Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt, Brymstone or St. Felix! Tell us why your group is the best in the Knowne World! Original pieces are NOT required, but they would be most welcome.
2. Round Two: Bring a period piece that evokes a sense of camaraderie, brotherhood, and loyalty to one’s friends. MINIMAL oral documentation is most welcome. Original pieces are NOT required, but they would be most welcome.
3. Round Three: Bard’s Choice – Bring your best piece, the one piece that exemplifies why you are the BEST OF THE BRANCH BARDS! Original pieces are NOT required, but they would be most welcome.

The winner will be named Best of the Branch Bards, receive a scroll done by the hand of the Bard of the Sun, and perhaps other prizes. If you would like to donate prizes, please see Lady Eleanor Cleavely or Lady Emma Makeblise to donate.

As a courtesy, please contact Lady Eleanor Cleavely, Bard of the Sun, at heathernieto@outlook.com to indicate whether or not you plan to attend and compete. Thank you!

This is a fantastic way to represent your group and to show why you are the Best of the Branch Bards! See you there!
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Bard of the Sun
Descendant of the White Oak

Saturday, February 25
11am -1pm
Helga Ball

Not sure what Helga Ball is? Imagine rugby, soccer, tag football and roller derby rolled into one, played by a group of ladies (boys might get hurt) with cabbages serving as the ball.
You must wear closed toe shoes that you can run in. Steel toe boots are not allowed. Soft knee pads and elbow pads are suggested but not required. You can either wear an apron dress, or pants with a baggy tunic. You may not touch the cabbage with your hands so you will require a garment you can catch the cabbage and carry it with. Head scarves are allowed.

You can come and watch or come and play!
Requirements are you must be at least 18 years of age and female.


End of War Youth Movie/Game Night
During Grand Court
Saturday, February 25th

The Youth Corner will be holding a movie & game night for all the youth. It will be held in the Town Square during Grand Court. We will be watching “The Sword in the Stone” (G) and then “The Princess Bride” (PG). There will also be tabletop games available for the youth to play as well as snacks and drinks. Our movie/game night will end when Grand Court does and youth will need to picked up and escorted to camp.

The Atenveldt Brewers’ Guild Annual Competition
Saturday, February 25
11 AM – 5 PM

The Atenveldt Brewers’ Guild Annual Competition will take place on Saturday, February 25, in the vicinity of the A & S Collegium Ramada / Grand Pavillion (west side, oposite the kids corner). This is a 21 and older event to participate or attend. Entries accepted 11 am – 1 pm. Judging from 1 pm – 3pm. At 3 pm – Winners announced & judges’ feedback; entries returned 3 pm – 4 pm. There will be a Guild meeting afterwards for members & other interested adults.

Children’s Clothing Exchange
Saturday, February 25
Immediately following the Youth Tourney near the Children’s Corner

As the littles grow, so does the need for new garb and what self-respecting SCA mom has time for that with all the exciting activities we are already busy with? So bring your attire your children have outgrown and exchange for other attire that may fits your young ones needs. Bring clothing, shoes, belts or accessories. No purchase required. Donate or take as needed. Keep the garb in the SCA family!

Known World Rapier Gathering
Saturday, February 25
After Grand Court

Return of the Estrella Rapier Celebration and Party: As the dust settles on the battlefields of Estrella, it’s time for all warriors to unite in friendship and celebration as stories of epic battles and worthy deeds are etched in history forever. Party will begin after court on Saturday night — as soon as the Town Square is cleared from a previous event.

Dance like it’s 1599!!

Saturday, February 25
Aten Party

All are welcome to attend the legendary West Kingdom Party. It will be hosted by the just as famous Joel the Brewer and his fabulous tavern, The Cock and Bulls. Her Majesty Zanobia has decreed that this year She would like the party to not only be fabulous, but exciting! She has declared it DERBY NIGHT. (Well, Derby Days but as it will be in the evening the West will make it their own.) That’s right, just like you were at the famed Kentucky Derby, bring your biggest hats – period hats, modern hats, make it epic, make it fabulous, just make it Derbylicious! Appropriate for the derby, the tavern will be serving mint juleps, wonderfully supplied by Their Majesties, as well as other tasty drinks on tap. Get ready for an evening of sipping and watching the palio-style horse races! Riders, save some energy for the evening as you gallop your way around the track on hobby horses for fame, glory and wonderful prizes! Have a particular stead you trust? Be sure to “trailer” it along. The juleps will being around 7:30 and the party will be at full steam in time for the Grand Court to be finishing up, hopefully not too late in the evening. So tilt your extravagant hats, muddle your mints, and get ready to make the West Party fantastic. On your mark, get set, GO!

PLEASE NOTE: The Cock & Bulls Tavern doesn’t serve cups or minors, so please bring your ID and suitable drinking vessel!

SunDragon Baronial Pajama Court
Sunday, February, 26th

9:30 – 11 am


YAWN!  You’ll be tired from a week of hanging out with your Baronial family but WAR isn’t over yet.  Join Their Excellencies for Their final Estrella Court on Sunday morning.  It will be easy and painless as you can attend in your PJs.  So crawl out of bed or wherever you landed the night before and join us for the traditional Sunday morning Baronial Pajama Court.

Come one, Come all to the Estrella War Grand Ball!
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Friday Night February 24th in the A & S Pavilion
Live Music to get your Medieval-Self Going!
All are welcome, experience is not necessary.

Thrown Weapons At Estrella War!!!!
Come on over to the Thrown Weapons Range. Knives, Axes, Spears and Spikes are allowed. No other weapons are allowed. All Weapons must be checked by Marshall In Charge before throwing.
Children 8 years old and up are allowed with Parent/Legal Guardian. Parent/Legal Guardian must stay with child at the Range
Range will be open from 9am to 5pm Thursday to Saturday. Practice and Training during open Range Time, Unless a Competition is going on.
Wednesday; Newcomers Event only 9am to 5pm. All newcomers please come down and learn about Thrown Weapons.
Thursday; Open Range for Practice and Training 9am to 5pm
Friday; Open Range 9am to 1:30 pm
2pm to 5pm Ladies Only Champion Competition
Special Event on Friday from 2pm to 5pm. Ladies Only Estrella War Champion Competition. Ladies come down to the Range and try your hand at throwing. This is a Ladies Only Competition. Pick your two favorite weapons to throw for the competition.
Saturday Schedule; Open Range 9am to 11am
Closed from 11am to 1pm for Lunch
1pm to 5pm The Estrella War Champion Competition and Youth competition
Saturday: Must sign in for Estella War Champion Competition from 10am to Noon. You must be signed in for the competition before Noon.
Overall Estella War Champion Competition, this is open to Men and Ladies. Competition will start at 1pm.
Youth Champion Competition will start at 1pm. Youth 8 years and older, must have Parent/Legal Guardian with them.
Loan Gear will be available
We are looking for Thrown Weapons Marshalls to help run the Range, please contact
Lady Chey Wolf The Amazon Kingdom of Atenveldt Deputy Marshal of Thrown Weapons at the Thrown Weapons Range.

Youth Combat at Estrella War!

This year we will be having Youth Combat again. Same as last year, we will have combined age-group melee scenarios on Friday in the woods. Armor and weapon inspection will begin at 2pm. Exact scenarios will depend on the number of fighters we have.

Saturday will be the Second Annual Estrella Youth Combat Tournament! Fight for the glory of combat and show the world the prowess of our Known World Youth fighters! There will be three separate lists, one for each age category. There will be prizes in each category for Best Death, Most Chivalrous, and Category Winner. Tournaments will be weapon of choice and final format will be determined by number of entrants. Lists open and inspections begin at 1:30 in the Town Square.

Any Questions, please see Lord Heinrich der Brauer, House Silvermoon, Barony of Atenveldt, Kingdom of Atenveldt.