On-Site Services

Estrella War is a week-long camping event, held in Arizona’s Spring months.
During the event, there are three types of services offered:

  • Services arranged at the event by the SCA
  • Services provided by the site owners
  • Optional Services Individual Attendees Can Arrange

Services Arranged by the SCA

The SCA arranges a number of on-site services that all attendees at the event may use. These include:

  • Porta-potties , or “privies” as they are called in the SCA, are conveniently placed throughout the main roads, Merchants Row, and in locations used for archery, combat scenarios, tourneys, special events, ceremonies, childrens and SCA Courts. As a convenience, ADA accessible privies are included in high traffic areas like Merchants Row and the main areas. All privies are regularly serviced throughout the event.
  • Dumpsters, ash cans (for ashes from fire pits), and grey water disposal stations are conveniently placed throughout the site and are regularly serviced throughout the event.
  • Free onsite hot showers are provided, usually in “shower trucks” placed in two locations at the site.
  • ATMs are available on Merchant’s Row.
  • Central locations are setup where you can find and speak to War Staff about services or problems at the event. You can find the location of these on the site map in the Gate Book you receive when you arrive at the event. These usually include:
    • First Aid where you can get assistance with basic first aid and medical problems, use electrical outlets for recharging or using medical devices (outlets are reserved for use by those with special medical needs) and items that need to be deposited in a designated Sharp’s container.
    • The Watch Pavilion where you can take or look for lost children and animals, pick up or drop off lost and found items, or report any issues at the event.
    • Volunteer & Hospitality Point where you can sign up to assist with activities at the event and where you can take questions for the War Staff or ask about services and facilities at the event. Hospitality provides hot drinks and lunches for EW volunteers.
    • Merchant, Special Events, and Autocrat’s Point where all you questions can be answered concerning Merchant’s Row, the Special Events offered and any thing else about the war.
    • Herald’s Point for Heraldic Consultation and device submissions.
    • Front Gate where you can take questions for Parking, Towing and Event Fees as well as Lost & Found.
  • UPS delivery of packages to the site can be arranged for attendees and merchants. See “Ship Items to Site” for more information.
  • For information about RVs and RV camping, please see Parking and RVs. For information about where to camp, please see Land and Camping.

Services Provided by Site Owners

The Schnepf Farm site owners also own and operate a General Store at the site. Please review your gatebook for hours and location. Note that operation of this store is not related to the SCA, Inc. or the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and the store is not managed or run by the Estrella War staff.

Optional Services Individual Attendees Can Arrange

At past Estrella Wars, several vendors used by the SCA have also provided special services for individual attendees at the event. These have included:

  • Rentals and delivery of tents, tables, chairs, heaters, cots, lighting and many other items can be arranged with Classic Party Rentals (Contact: 602-232-9900 or see www.classicpartyrentals.com) Please specify you are a private party attending Estrella War.
  • RV waste pumping for RVs is in the Dry RV Parking rules section of this web site.

Please watch this page for contact information for these and other optional vendor services that may become available at Estrella War. Questions about these services can be directed to the Site Setup/Vendors Coordinator.