Hard Suit Scenarios

General Conventions

  • Each army shall have a muster flag to assist in organization for the battles- we recommend the populace flags for each kingdom if they can be acquired
  • An arrow or crossbow bolt once fired must be re-inspected before using (no gleaning on the field). We recommend archery in/out in every other scenario to allow for time
  • Commanders should know the order of battle and direct their armies
  • Weapons standards:  Society standard. Only suggested corrections:
    • 9 foot limit on spears
    • Fiberglass spears with Mandrake tips should be remade.  Mandrake tips on all forms of rattan are deemed safe and are legitimate for use
  • Armor inspection shall be by the Kingdom of residence for the fighter and inspection tags must be initialed by the inspecting marshal. Tags will be colored to also serve as side markers – 1 sticker for side and signature
  • Off Helmet inspections will be conducted to ensure safety of padding per updated marshallate standards
  • 2 handed weapons and archery weapons will also be inspected and tagged.
  • Fighters should make every effort to be inspected before the start of the battles each day to free up marshals.
  • In the case of an armor failure, a limited area hold will be called.  In the case of an injury needing EMS, a full field hold will be called.   If it looks like this will take some time, and a safe method can be found to continue combat away from the EMS teams, the marshallate will try to accommodate this.
  • Archery to be limited to 18 arrows per archer in all scenarios save bridges and resurrection battles, no gleaning
    • Bridge battles will forgo archery entirely
    • Resurrection battles will allow unlimited arrows, no gleaning