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Heavy Armored Combat

Hard Suit Scenarios

General Conventions

It is the intention of the Principal Kingdoms to allow no more than 15 minutes between the scenarios, and when possible no more than 10 minutes.  To ensure this:

On Friday and Saturday, each army shall be mustered on the field before 10:00 AM and battles shall begin at 10:00am promptly.  Fighters or army not on the field at this time shall not enter until the next battle.

Battles will begin when stated, at the sounding of an air horn. 

Three short blasts will signal fifteen minutes to lay-on.

Two short blasts shall signal ten minutes to lay-on.

One short blast shall signal five minutes to lay-on.

Lay-on shall be one long blast with a verbal “lay-on!” from the Marshals.


Each principal Kingdom shall provide a banner which will be used to show the muster point for each army.  After “lay on” is called in each battle, the muster banners will be moved, if needed, to their location for the following battle.

If Their Royal Majesties find a severe imbalance in the size of the armies, they may choose to correct it.

Combat Archery Weapons shall be allowed in designated scenarios,

Society legal thrown weapons shall be allowed in all scenarios.

Siege weapons shall be allowed in designated scenarios and can be used against personnel and siege engines but shall have no effect on buildings or terrain.

All structures and terrain are “what you see is what you get”.  If a wall, hay bale, or tree can be fired over or around, then it is allowable.

Armor Standards

  1. Armor standards for each combatant shall be of their Kingdom of residence. Society minimum requirements, and the minimums stated in this policy, will be strictly enforced.
  2. All combatants on the field must have a current Estrella War Inspection Sticker displayed on their helm to indicate their armor has passed inspection for combat at that Estrella War. Fighters must report to Marshal’s Point to receive their armor inspection stickers. Hours and location for Marshal’s Point shall be published in the event gate book.


Weapons Standards

  1. Spears shall not exceed nine feet in length. No Mandrake tips on any 2 handed mass weapons or on spears.
  2. Combat archery weapons and projectile standards must conform to Society standards.
  3. Thrown weapons must resemble a period weapon (i.e. no “pork chops” or other goofy weapons)