Estrella War Scenarios – 2020

Estrella War Scenarios – 2019

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  • Each army shall have a muster flag to assist in organization for the battles- we recommend the populace flags for each kingdom if they can be acquired
  • An arrow or crossbow bolt once fired must be re-inspected before using (no gleaning on the field). We recommend archery in/out in every other scenario to allow for time
  • Commanders should know the order of battle and direct their armies
  • Weapons standards: Society standard.  Only suggested corrections:
    • 9 foot limit on spears
    • Fiberglass spears with Mandrake tips should be remade. Mandrake tips on all forms of rattan are deemed safe and are legitimate for use
  • Armor inspection shall be by the Kingdom of residence for the fighter and inspection tags must be initialed by the inspecting marshal. Tags will be colored to also serve as side markers – 1 sticker for side and signature
  • Off Helmet inspections will be conducted to ensure safety of padding per updated marshallate standards
  • 2 handed weapons and archery weapons will also be inspected and tagged.
  • Fighters should make every effort to be inspected before the start of the battles each day to free up marshals.
  • In the case of an armor failure, a limited area hold will be called. In the case of an injury needing EMS, a full field hold will be called.   If it looks like this will take some time, and a safe method can be found to continue combat away from the EMS teams, the marshallate will try to accommodate this.
  • Archery to be limited to 18 arrows per archer in all scenarios save bridges and resurrection battles, no gleaning
    • Bridge battles as written per scenario
    • Resurrection battles will allow unlimited arrows, no gleaning

Overal Scenerio:  The Kingdom has been invaded by a hostile force and is forcing the crown and allies back to the main keep.   On Friday, a series of battles will occur, which are progressive following the Invading armies march to get to the keep.  Both armies will initially meet in the open field, followed by the taking of several bridges, then the sacking of the main town.  Each of these battles will be worth a number of resurrection points which will be used to determine the number of resurrections each team has in the final battle of the day when the crown is caught in the keep and forced to defend or die.  The day will be finished with both teams defending their crown within the castle.   On Saturday the battles continue with each army attempting to extinguish the last holdouts of the enemy. 

Day 1 (Thursday)

Outlands Prize

  • Pickups as Outlands Prize shrinks

Day 2 Friday forms up to 9 Am

Fighting starts at 10am and will be on the Open Field

  • Open Field Battle
    • The armies meet on the field of glory:
    • Traditional Open Field, fought best 2 of 3
    • Archery and siege in 1 and 3 (arrow inspections during #2)
    • Armies will form on sides agreed to by the Crowns and designated by banners
    • All weapons including siege allowed
  • Multi-Bridge/Canyon battle
    • Multiple routes have been discovered to the town. Each army will be split into three groups, two groups of no more than 30 fighters, and everyone that is left. 
    • Three bridges/canyons are setup
      • Bridge 1 and 2 are 20’ wide and 40’ long – No archery on these bridges. Only 30 fighters from each team can battle on these bridges.  So, two units of up to 30 fighters.  The remaining fighters of the unit that takes the bridge can regroup and join the rest of their army on the 3rd large bridge as reinforcements. 
      • Bridge 3 will be 30’ wide and 50’ long. Archery and Siege is allowed.
    • This battle will be fought three times. The commanders from each army must switch out the units on bridge 1 and 2 for each battle. 
    • Each bridge is worth 1 resurrection point. So, for the entire battle (ran three times), 9 resurrection points are at stake. 
  • Town Battle
    • The invading force has reached the main city. Four 10 x 10 redoubts are within the city.  The defending Army starts in the city and the opposing Army is on one side of the town attempting to enter and take as many of the redoubts as possible. 
    • This battle will be fought twice, which each army getting a chance to defend the city.
    • This battle is timed. You have 15 minutes to take as many redoubts as you can. 
    • Each redoubt is worth 1 resurrection point to the attacking army.
    • All weapons are allowed, as well as archery and siege.
  • Castle Siege
    • Crown is trapped in the castle. Defending army has as many resurrection points as it has earned throughout the day (each resurrection point is worth 10 resurrections).  Attacking army has 400 resurrections, defending army has a minimum of 200. 
    • A breech on one side of the castle will be designated with a canvas target. 3 hits from siege weapons to this target will allow the Marshals to drop the canvas and the breech will be open to fight through as well (siege fight both ways)
    • There may be some scatter hay bales in the breech to simulate broken wall
    • All weapons allowed
    • Battle will be fought twice, switching sides so each team gets a chance to defend.
    • Resurrections for both sides released at 2 minute intervals (short horn blast)
  • Finish as Friends:
    • 30 Minute Resurrection battle in the town (fight with who you want)
    • Pick-up field is open

Day 3 Saturday

– 6’ and under in the woods.
  • Woods Open Field
    • Each army starts at its banner. The entire field is open. 
    • Battle will be fought three times.
  • Double Bridge Battle (woods)
    • Fought best of 3
    • 2 Bridges 25’wide X 50 long 30’ apart
    • One bridge shall be designated as Open (1 hay bale high) and the other as covered (2 hay bales high)
    • Thrown weapons are allowed in the covered, but only inline on the bridge
    • Once past the end of the covered bridge, combatants mat be fired on by archers as normal (in the open)
    • The open bridge is standard and may be arched or the bales stepped on with 1 foot
    • The covered bridge cannot be stood on for safety.
    • No siege weapons to allow move and prep time for Castle
    • OPTIONAL: Sitting Royalty and Chivalry  can add a ford/fjord section at a walk to allow for mounted riders to cross. Non Royal/ Chivalry can cross on their knees
  • Royals vs champions
    • The crown and any royal allies hand pick a total of 10 fighters to face 15 unbelted champions from the opposing team in a small open field skirmish. If your Royal team is fighting the unbelt team is the reserve and vice versa. The rest of the armies will engage in the main open field. The winning team of the challenge gets to go to the main battle with their reserve. The reserve from the losing team sits out.
    • Battle will be fought twice with each crown getting a chance to face the opposing team’s unbelted champions.
    • Teams to be chosen by the day before.
  • The final battle
    • 1-hour resurrection battle.
    • Three 10 x 10 redoubts are placed diagonally across the center of the woods.
    • Each redoubt shall have a reversible flag or staff to show the current holder of the area.
    • At 15 minute intervals a marshal will assess who controls the flag for each redoubt.
    • Resurrections will be released at 3 minute intervals.
    • Battle will be fought timed (TBD) with regular intervals to assess how many flags are standing and points awarded per flag to each team.
    • Battle will be fought resurrection timed at 3 minutes
    • Point total at the end will determine the winner
    • Archery is allowed based on field limitations
    • Siege allowed if someone wants to haul the SW to the broken field.

Day 4 Sunday 2 hr res

  • Champions selected by crowns as leaders – and pick teams roughly of equivalent sizes

Estrella War Scenarios – 2020

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