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War Scenarios

Estrella XXXIII Treaty

Estrella XXXIII Treaty


Armies of the Outlands and their allies have crossed into Atenveldt lands, and Morgan, King of Atenveldt, leads his forces to meet his most Noble cousin Robert, King of the Outlands. The armies first face one another upon the broad fields of Twin Moons’ lush lands

Scenario: Open Field

Description: An open field battle fought between armies of Atenveldt and Outlands with guests and allies as equalizers for numbers.

Starting Positions:  One army will start on the east edge of the open field and the other will start on the west edge.

Victory Requirements: Last man standing

Number of battles fought:  Be  3 of 5.  Winning side gets to choose to attack or defend town first.

Allowed Weaponry:  All weapon types will be allowed.

Missile Weapons: Thrown, CA allowed every other battle (1st, 3rd, and 5th battles), no siege

Fierce battles have broken out all across the Solar Kingdom, and the Shire of Burning Sands’ lands are threatened!  This veritable gateway to Atenveldt from nearby Caid is critical to securing the Aten borders!

Scenario: Town Battle

Description: Attack and defense of a town consisting of 5 buildings. Will be run twice and attackers will have unlimited resurrections. Defenders must hold the buildings for as long as possible but are not required to be in the buildings. With one resurrection point (need to state where it is N, S, etc) on the field.

Starting positions: Defenders in town Attackers outside but must form as one army until lay on.

Victory Requirements: The army that takes possession of all 5 buildings with at least one soldier in it and no enemy the fastest time.  At the conclusion of the first battle, armies will switch sides.

Number of Battles: 2

Allowed weapons: All

Missle Weapons, CA, in 1st and 3rd battles, Thrown in all, no siege

The bridges that span the great canyon in the northern portion of the Kingdom are all that stands in the way between the Aten army and their Artemesian foes!

Scenario: Double Bridge

Description: Double bent bridge battle

Victory Requirements: Possession of 50% of bridge at 30 minutes or to last man standing.  Winner of most battles chooses to attack or defend castle first following day.

Number of battles fought:  2

Allowed Weaponry:  All weapons will be allowed.

Special Notes: Only the bridge itself has no projectiles. The army areas on each end are eligible targets.

After a long day of war the armies come together with each person striving for excellence and glory seek out challengers to fight in single combat for the sheer joy of combat.

Scenario: Battle of the 5

Description: Melee teams meet to do battle under the conventions of the battle of the 5 to determine the champion.

Location: Town Square


Trade routes through the woods are being threatened by the opposing armies and the watch towers must be secured.

Scenario: Towers in the Woods

Description: 2 towers will be in the woods one north of center and one south of center both will have flags in them to show which sides controls them. This is a resurrection fight until one side controls both towers, or fight goes over 15min time limit after the 15 minutes is up fight continues to last man, or both towers are captured.

Starting Points: Armies will start on the north and south end of the woods. Armies will switch sides every battle. Resurrection points will be at Starting points.

Victory conditions: Battle will continue until one side controls both towers. Control of the tower is 10 fighters in the tower and no opposing troops in Tower.

Number of Battles: Best 2 of 3.

Allowed weapons: 6 foot and under only.

Missile Weapons: CA in every other battle, Thrown weapons in all, Siege in all.

In the mountains of this mighty Kingdom, war has come to the Castle walls!  The two great armies clash in an epic battle to determine who shall have the advantage of controlling the Kingdom’s keep.

Scenario: Castle with Sally port

Description: The castle has a front gate, a gate protected by a bent causeway leading to it, and a breach point in the wall.  The attacking force will have unlimited resurrections and the defenders have none. Wall can be breached with Siege weapon fire 5 strikes through the siege target.

Starting Points: 1 army starts inside the castle. Army outside must deploy in front of castle 50’ from the castle and causeway.

Victory conditions: Battle will be fought 2 times the winner will be the side with the fastest time taking the castle. Castle is considered taken when all defenders have been defeated. The winner will choose the starting position for the woods battle.

Number of Battles: 2

Allowed Weapons:  All weapons will be allowed.

Missile Weapons: Thrown, CA, and siege in both fights.

War has broken out across the mighty Kingdom of the Sun, from border to border.  Armies converge at the strategic points across the Kingdom, each vying to emerge victorious!

Scenario: Fields of War!


The battle field will consist of the Castle the Bridges and the town. 30 minute limited resurrections (rez’s every 5 minutes)  All terrain is in play walls are walls doors are doors if you can fight over it you may fight over it though you must use doors and gates to enter and exit buildings. The river is in play though its entire length is fordable all fighters must walk while in the river no running or trotting or anything other than a walk. (River bottom is unsafe for horses bearing any weight)

Starting Points: Armies will start on the west and east side of the field and will swap sides each battle. Resurrection point will be at the army’s starting points with a marshal timing the resurrections every 5 minutes.

Victory conditions: There will be 3 flags placed on the field 1 flag will be placed in the castle 1 will be on the bridge and one in the town. Each flag is worth 1 point. If sides are tied at end of 30 minutes fight will go to last man standing. Control of the flag is 10 fighters on the flag.  Flags do not count as controlled unless there are 10 fighters around it even if it is behind current battle lines.

Number of Battles: 2

Weapons Allowed: 6 foot and under first battle all weapons in 2nd battle,

Missile Weapons: Thrown in both, CA in 2nd all weapon fight. Siege in both.

For all of our recently lost friends, let us come together for fun and friendship.


Scenario: The Lycurgus Cup

Description: The 2 armies have come together in friendship after a gallantly fought conflict to make sure that everyone has had their fill of fighting.

This will be a 3 hour resurrection fight with resurrections happening every 5 minutes (can be shortened if there are small numbers of people)

Starting Points: Armies will start on the east and west side of field. Resurrection points will be set up on the north and south side of the field with flags to show what side they are for. There will be a marshal timing resurrections at each point.

Victory conditions: This battle, fought for the love of friendship and camaraderie, will have no victory or loss conditions, as all combatants win!  Resurrection battle is fought merely for the love of fighting and to honor those who have moved on from this world.

Weapons Allowed: All Weapons will be allowed.

Missile Weapons: CA, Thrown weapons. No siege.