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War Scenarios

Estrella War Scenarios – 2019


  • Each army shall have a muster flag to assist in organization for the battles- we recommend the populace flags for each kingdom if they can be acquired
  • An arrow or crossbow bolt once fired must be re-inspected before using (no gleaning on the field). We recommend archery in/out in every other scenario to allow for time
  • Commanders should know the order of battle and direct their armies
  • Weapons standards:  Society standard. Only suggested corrections:
    • 9 foot limit on spears
    • Fiberglass spears with Mandrake tips should be remade.  Mandrake tips on all forms of rattan are deemed safe and are legitimate for use
  • Armor inspection shall be by the Kingdom of residence for the fighter and inspection tags must be initialed by the inspecting marshal. Tags will be colored to also serve as side markers – 1 sticker for side and signature
  • Off Helmet inspections will be conducted to ensure safety of padding per updated marshallate standards
  • 2 handed weapons and archery weapons will also be inspected and tagged.
  • Fighters should make every effort to be inspected before the start of the battles each day to free up marshals.
  • In the case of an armor failure, a limited area hold will be called.  In the case of an injury needing EMS, a full field hold will be called.   If it looks like this will take some time, and a safe method can be found to continue combat away from the EMS teams, the marshallate will try to accommodate this.
  • Archery to be limited to 12 arrows per archer in all scenarios save bridges and resurrection battles, no gleaning
    • Bridge battles will forgo archery entirely
    • Resurrection battles will allow unlimited arrows, no gleaning

NOTE:  The order of these scenarios are just suggestions.  They can be moved and renamed as our crowns see fit, or weapon conventions altered

Day 1 (Thursday)

Outlands Prize

Meanest of Mothers Exhibition. Afternoon

  • . Gauntlets required.This is a “constricting field of play” scenario. Player will begin on one end of the area of play (Town & Castle areas). Weapons will be scattered throughout the area of play. Players will be led by a marshal in a single file line down the length of the area of play through the center. Players may leave the the line a any time and take 10 steps, where they must stay until lay-on is called. If a weapon is within reach they may pick it up and stand ready. On lay-on, it is a meanest mother with dead-from-behind and dead-on-the-ground conventions. The marshals will restrict the field at the following interval: 90 secs, 60 secs, 30 secs, 15 secs, & then at the marshals discretion. Last man standing is Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner. To be repeated 3 times with option to do more if interest prevails.

Day 2 – All forms up to 9’ day Fighting starts at 10am

  • Open Field Battle
    • Traditional Open Field, fought best 2 of 3
    • Archery and siege in 1 and 3 (arrow inspections during #2)
    • Armies will form on sides agreed to by the Crowns and designated by banners
    • All weapons including siege allowed
  • Coastal Raids.6’ and under (open field)
    • Multiple Bridge/Dock Battle. The idea is the Norse raiders have approached in ships and are attempting to raid the docks at Estrella. One bridge/dock will begin to burn after lay-on is called and sections will fall away at a predetermined interval. This will leave one remaining bridge/dock for crossing with archery allowed ship-to-land but not on the bridged/dock. I can be played till the last man or as a timed clearing raid. Each side will get a chance to attack and defend. 
  • Double Bridge Battle (woods)
    • Fought best of 3
    • 2 Bridges 25’wide X 50 long  30’ apart
    • One bridge shall be designated as Open (1 hay bale high) and the other as covered (2 hay bales high)
    • No Archery on bridge battles.
    • Thrown weapons are allowed in the covered, but only inline on the bridge
    • Once past the end of the covered bridge, combatants mat be fired on by archers as normal (in the open)
    • The open bridge is standard and may be arched or the bales stepped on with 1 foot
    • The covered bridge cannot be stood on for safety.
    • No siege weapons to allow move and prep time for Castle
    • OPTIONAL:  We can add a ford/fjord section to allow for mounted riders to cross
  • Town Treasure Battle 6’ and under (woods)
    • Town buildings will be set up with doorways on both sides of each building parallel to the sides form on.
    • In each building a duffle or “a” bag will be placed with about 20 lbs of soft material (treasure)
    • Treasure can only be carried by gauntleted hands
    • Treasure will count 1 p returned point for each bag returned to the armies resurrection point.
    • Battle will be run 3 times and the treasure bags totaled
    • Resurrection battle at 3 minute release times. (short horn blast)
    • Battle ends when all bags are at res points (reset and get drinks in between)
    • All weapons allowed, but no gleaning of arrows allowed except between battles.  Arrows must be re-inspected before use.
    • In the event of a tie (equal number of bags after 3 runs) each crown shall choose 10 combatants and a Champions Battle will run one time to determine the victor.

Day 3 – All Weapon Forms (open field) Fighting starts at 10am

  • Full field as it lies
    • Using the full field (Open, Castle) and armies starting on the side opposite that they did on Day 2.  Field is as it lies (if you can swing over it…)
    • Battle will be 2 out of 3
    • Archery and siege on 1&3 (inspect during 2)
    • Winner of this battle determines start in the broken field
  • Castle Battle (open field)
    • Run twice last man standing
    • Attacking army gets unlimited resurrections released at 2 minute intervals (short horn blast)
    • Defending army does not res
    • A breech on one side of the castle will be designated with a canvas target.  3 hits from siege weapons to this target will allow the Marshals to drop the canvas and the breech will be open to fight through as well (siege fight both ways?)
    • There may be some scatter hay bales in the breech to simulate broken wall
    • All weapons allowed
  • Broken Field Redoubts (woods)
    • 3 redoubts shall be set up in equal parity to the army res points based on safety and terrain available.
    • One shall be on the side nearest the archers and have a ford surrounding its approach.
    • Each redoubt shall have a reversible flag or staff to show the current holder of the area
    • Battle will be fought timed (TBD) with regular intervals to assess how many flags are standing and points awarded per flag to each team.
    • Battle will be fought resurrection timed at 3 minutes
    • Point total at the end will determine the winner, if equal…a champions battle of 10 combatants from each side will determine the winner
    • Archery is allowed based on field limitations
    • Siege allowed if someone wants to haul the SW to the broken field.
  • Battle for fun 6’ and under (wood)
    • Zombie Battle through the Woods or Town/Castle. Unlimited resurrection for zombies. Only head shots kill zombies. Played until the last man is made a zombie.

Day 4 – Sunday 2 hr res (town center)

  • Champions selected by crowns as leaders – and pick teams roughly of equivalent sizes