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Rapier Scenarios

The War of the Roses was a series of minor skirmishes and then civil war caused by a power-hungry king on the verge of a mental breakdown.  This inspired a popular revolt, feuding nobles, and clash of armies with shifting loyalties. Our War of the Roses will be fought on the rapier field of Estrella War 34 (2018).  Overall victory will be determined by the army that has the most victory points (7 possible). Scenarios are as follows:

Friday in the broken field in the woods

Marshal’s point opens: 8 am

Scenario start time: 10 am


The Mad King’s Hunt (mixer)

Special weapons: Spears (unlimited) and archery (6 arrows/archer).

Resurrections: none

Time: 15 minutes or until last man standing. Run once.

Victory points: none


It’s MoD, DWS, and equivalent season. They will start seeded across the broken field as individual fighters who may form temporary alliances as they are able and willing.

The rest of the fighters will form teams of three and distribute the teams along the edges of the field; fighters may opt to switch or join teams, but no more than three on a team at any given time. Weapons of choice allowed, including combat archery, but no RBGs. Archers will be permitted up to 6 arrows each and may choose to take another weapon if they can carry it safely with them. Please refer to rules for combat archery.

Once a side (individual DWS/MoDs or teams) are depleted, fighters will turn on each other in a bloodthirsty fugue-state. There can be only one. Scenario will run until a winner is determined or until 15 minutes have elapsed. Does not count towards victory points.

The Duke’s Rebellion

Special weapons: RBGs with number of rounds equal to 10% of opposing army.

Resurrections: none

Time: 15 minutes or until last attacker standing. Run twice, switching attacker and defender.

Victory point: yes (1)


The King is a real jerk. Let everyone know this by hanging a strongly-worded manifesto in the center of the field. “Requisition” supplies while you are at it. Down with the man!

Attackers count as placing their manifesto in the center of the field by raising the flag there. Once raised, the manifesto flag cannot be lowered.

Additional points can be earned by looting the town to gather supplies for the upcoming conflicts. A finite number of loot bags will be scattered across the field at the beginning of the scenario; loot will not be re-seeded during fighting. Defenders may not move loot. Attackers may return loot to the starting point for scoring at any time during the scenario; each fighter may only carry 1 bag at a time.  However, looting with a cause is justified requisitioning of supplies, but base thievery otherwise. Therefore, there will be no points awarded for loot acquired if the flag is not raised by the end of the scenario.

Attackers and defenders will start from their respective starting points. Scenario will end if all attackers are killed or immobile. If all defenders are killed or immobile, the attacking army will receive full points. After first iteration, sides will switch attackers versus defenders, loot will be replenished, and scenario will re-run. The victor will be the side with the most points. 1 point for raising the flag, 1 point for each loot. 0 points (regardless of loot) if the flag is not raised. The side with more points earns 1 victory point.

For the honor of the family!

Special weapons: none

Resurrections: none

Time limit: Until one side’s commander is dead. Run best 2 of 3.

Victory point: yes (1)


This civil war would end a lot sooner without the heads of the families uniting the sides. Killing one of them in battle would bring honor to your family and reprieve to your people.

The scenario ends and victory is awarded for killing the other army’s commander. Commanders will be clearly marked and must be visible during the scenario (i.e., you are commanding a battle, not playing hide and go seek). The commander may fight inside a structure, if available.

Attackers and defenders will start from their respective starting points. Scenario will run best 2 of 3, switching starting points between iterations, for 1 victory point.

Commissions of Array

Special weapons: RBGs with ammo equal to 10% of opposing force. Spears, no more than 10% of opposing force.

Resurrections: unlimited

Time: 10 minutes, or until one side has placed all three banners. Run twice, switching start points.

Victory point: yes (1)


Both sides are attempting to recruit to their cause; this has led to a series of skirmishes across the lands. Get through the opposing force to plant your banner, demonstrate your worth, and recruit local nobles and their armies to your cause.

Each side will receive 3 banners. Each side will need to move as many of their banners as possible from their start point to the 3 points of contention in the field. Each point will have 2 holders: 1 for each side’s banner. Once planted, banners may not be removed; no more than 1 banner per holder.

Banners will be a piece of cloth affixed to a 4-6 foot long wooden rod. Each banner requires one person with a free hand to carry; each fighter may only carry one banner. Banners can be used as a parrying device, but may not be used offensively (i.e. to strike another fighter) and may be used in combination with a buckler. You may not pick up or move the banner belonging to the opposing side. Armies/units are encouraged to bring their own banners. Fighters killed while holding a banner may either drop the banner or hold the banner until another fighter can retrieve it. Dead fighters still holding a banner must clearly demonstrate they are dead by taking a knee and holding their blade in a non-threating manner. The scenario will run for 10 minutes or until one side has planted all 3 banners. The armies will switch sides and scenario will be run again. One point is awarded per banner planted; one victory point awarded to the army with the most points at the end of 2 iterations.

Liberate to fight another day

Special weapons: none

Resurrections: unlimited

Time: 15 minutes or until all flags are raised. Run twice, switching attacker and defender.

Victory point: yes (1)


Members of your glorious cause have been wrongfully imprisoned for making manifestos, totally justified supply gathering, and recruiting militias to overthrow the Crown. A misunderstanding, really. Free your comrades by killing the guards and opening the doors.

Doors will be represented by flags scattered across the broken field. A count of 10 without engaging is required to open the door. The marshal will perform the count audibly and stop (but not reset) when the fighter turning the flag is killed or interrupted. A door, once opened, cannot be closed. The prison break has already been successful.

The entire attacking and defending armies will begin from their respective starting point. No fighters will be positioned behind the doors from either army.

Scenario will run with unlimited resurrections for 15 minutes or until all flags are raised. Armies will switch attacker/defender sides and scenario will be re-run.  One victory point goes to the army with the shortest time to raise all flags.

Saturday in the town and open field

Marshal’s point opens: 8 am

Scenario start time: 10 am


Affairs of Honor and Revenge

Special weapons: none

Resurrections: unlimited

Time: 15 minutes

Victory point: none


Let’s fight each other. Scatter across the field. Challenge whomever you wish to one-on-one combat. The loser takes a knee or otherwise indicates dead and counts to 10. Choose a fight with someone else, get to know one another.  Mixer will run for 15 minutes. There is no victory point or special weapons here, only fights! Why? Because fights.

Wedding on Heworth Moor

Special weapons: Spears permitted (10% of opposing force)

Resurrections: none

Time: Unlimited. Best 2/3.

Victory point: yes (1)


The King had the bright idea of marriage between the two families to relieve tensions. Unfortunately for the mad King, no one is fooled by the sack of potatoes in a wedding dress and the cake is a lie. The only union we’ve gathered to witness is a clash of steel. Kill every last one of them.

This scenario will run in the town with all buildings closed off. Victory goes to the army with fighters remaining after the other side is wiped out. Sides will switch starting positions. Run best 2/3 for one victory point.

The Siege of Harlech

Special weapons: Combat archery permitted, total ammunition equal to 10% of opposing side.

Resurrections: Yes, until an attacker has exited the field

Time: 15 minutes. Run twice, switching attacker and defender.

Victory point: yes (1)


This war is for the royal seat in London. If you wait for the rest of the army, you will allow too much time for the town to defend itself against a siege and for reinforcements to arrive to defend the town. A small group may be able to fight their way past the guards to wage guerilla warfare to make capturing the town possible later. However, you must slip past safely in order to live to fight another day.

Attackers start outside of the city. Defenders start inside the city at locations of their choosing. There will be 2 exit gates at the sides of the field with marshals present. In order to be counted, an attacking fighter must not be within engagement distance of a defending fighter. The marshal will visually indicate whether the exit is open (raised marshal staff) or under contention (staff lowered across gate) by the defending army. An attacking fighter who wishes to exit the field must receive visual or verbal confirmation from the marshal or finish the fight with the contending defender(s) before they can safely pass. Defenders may not strike or shoot an attacking fighter if they are speaking with the marshal if clarification is requested. An attacking fighter may not exit through live combat involving other fighters, although they can pass behind active combat. A 10 foot “no combat zone” will be enforced around the exit gate for the safety of marshals and exiting fighters. An attacking fighter who safely passes is counted. They do not resurrect or rejoin the fight.

After 15 minutes, a hold will be called and armies will switch sides for attacker and defender. The army with the most fighters who exited into the town gets one victory point.

The Battle of Towton

Special weapons: None

Resurrections: Unlimited

Time: 60 minutes. Run once.  

Victory point: yes (1)


Reinforcements have arrived, the city’s outer defenses are breeched, and the battle for the town has begun in earnest. Both sides are vying for control of governmental buildings and other points of interest to establish or maintain the rightful government, depending on your perspective.

Flags will be positioned in and around buildings throughout the town; all flags will begin in a neutral position. Fighters from either side may change the position of the flag at any time during fighting. Total fighting time will be 60 minutes. At roughly 6 minute increments, the marshal team will count the number of flags in favor of each side. No hold will be called for the purpose of counting flags.  One victory point will be awarded to the side with more flags in their favor tallied at the end of the scenario.