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Thank you all for supporting equestrian at war this year!  Please check back for next years exciting events!



Equestrian Activities

For the schedule, CLICK HERE

THL Aveline Lindesie  520-509-5917 is the Equestrian Coordinator as well as the Equestrian Marshal for this event.The Equestrian Deputy is Padrona Fiordalisa Elena di Tomasso.

Newcomers Day- Meet the Equestrians!

Wednesday 2:00pm-5:00pm

Come out to the arena to meet the equestrians and the equines!  There will be hand-led horseback rides for those of all ages wishing to ride a horse, as well as demos of the equestrian games!

If you wish to ride a horse you must be wearing closed-toe shoes with a heel.

Classes Offered

We have many excellent teachers coming to teach this year at Estrella War!  If you do not have your own equine, rental horses are available through the Arizona Cowboy College. Many classes do not require an equine, or any riding experience, to participate!

Sword Use From Horseback 

by Sir William Brannan

Sword use from horseback – Starting with how to swing while on horseback, techniques for head runs, mounted combat tactics, sword vs lance.

Horses in the Middle Ages

by Dame Arabella Da Siena

This class is for everyone! Don’t have a horse? New to SCA equestrian? This class is definitely for you!

Mounted to Ground Preparation

by Sir William Brannan

How to approach the idea of mounted to ground combat with your horse.

Challenge Course Design

by Sir William Brannan

What does a good Challenge Course consist of? In this class we will discuss how to set up and score and a Challenge Course that will be entertaining for riders of varying skill levels, with tests of both weapon handling and horsemanship. We will touch on striking the best balance in challenges and scoring as well as construction of the elements used.

Lance- It’s Not All Jousting

by Sir William Brannan

Lance handling on horseback, Improved Ring Runs, Tent Pegging, Lance Use On The Battlefield.


by Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon

Buzkashi is a mounted game originating in the Steppes of central Asia where it has been played for centuries. The goal is for a player to grab the carcass of a headless goat or calf, and then get it clear of the other players and pitch it into a goal. It is considered a test of strength and horsemanship, both very important qualities in a Steppes warrior. Come learn and play this exciting game!

If you are unfamiliar with Buzkashi, information, details, and some video can be found using the links at the bottom of this webpage: HERE

Jousting 101

by Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon

This class teaches the basics of lance handling for both foam and wooden lance jousting. Learn how to safely receive, ride with, lower, follow through the strike, and raise the lance, along with stopping and handing back the lance safely and accurately. The first part (30 minutes) of the class will be done on foot with the remainder on horseback while working with the quintain. No armour is required and participants do not have to be authorized for either form of jousting but should be authorized for riding and games. Lances will NOT be supplied so please bring yours to work with.


Kingdom of Atenveldt Queen’s Champion Tournament

Sponsored by THL Angeline De Gibraltar

Competitors must reside in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Tournament will consist of period games.

Barding Competition

Sponsored by Lady Izza al-Zarqa

Princess Bride Quest Tournament

Sponsored by Mistress Shoshana Drakere

“Are you sure nobody’s follow us?’ “That would be INCONCIEVABLE!” You, the Dread Pirate have discovered that your beloved has been abducted and you have embarked upon a journey to rescue him or her. You must win through all obstacles and save the one you love.

There will be a Helm Auction first thing at the tournament.Winning riders and their financers will receive fabulous prizes created by generous artisans of the realm. This is a fundraiser for the Atenveldt Equestrian Guild

Youth Tournament

Sponsored by The Barony of Tir Ysgithr

The Odyssey Adventure Tournament

Sponsored by Lady Maria of Venice

Owner Registration

The cost to rent a stall will be $60/horse.  We will accept money when you arrive – check, money order preferred, cash as a last resort.    Please follow this link to register your private mounts.


Rentals will be provided by the Arizona Cowboy College (ACC).  As many of you know from past events, the ACC mounts are excellent.    Please follow this link to find out how to contact them and to register your ‘intent to rent’ with the Equestrian Coordinators.

Arena Use

If you are not renting a stall from the war, you will need to pay a $20 arena use fee.

Local Vendors

  • Pet Club – Queen Creek

40649 N Gantzel Rd
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
(480) 677-4704


Please note that these vets are not on site but have been contacted prior to the event and have agreed to be listed for emergencies.

Doctor Melanie Rettler (480)296-9320

Equestrian Etiquette for the Pedestrian

(or how to behave around equines)

  1. Before approaching any equine, ask permission of owner or rider.
  2. Approach equines from the side or front, never from behind.
  3. Never feed equines without permission of the owner.    Never assume just because you were given permission once that is always permissible to feed the horse.  Always ask again.
  4. Red ribbons, when tied to equines means DANGER-STAY AWAY.
  5. Equines are heavy, watch their feet and your own.  Always wear closed toed shoes around them.
  6. Avoid quick, large or dramatic movement around equines.  They spook easily
  7. Hats, feathers, parasols, billowing clothing may spook equines, be careful.
  8. No live steel around horses; they can move fast and in unexpected directions.
  9. Obey all marked boundaries and signs.
  10. Children must always be accompanied by an adult whenever coming to visit the horses.
  11. Never attempt to help corral a loose equine unless an Equestrian asks for your help.  Get out and stay out of the way.