Parking & RVs

The Estrella War site has five separate parking areas for vehicles, trailers and RVs. Please see Fee Schedule for parking fees for each area.

The following guidelines apply for all of these parking areas: 

  • Car Tags: Each vehicle, detachable trailer and/or RV you bring must be issued its own Car Tag at the Front Gate. Car Tags must be completely filled out to show the driver’s personal and SCA information, and the license plate number for that vehicle, trailer, or RV. Car tags must be visible in the windshield of your vehicle or taped on the side of your trailer for the entire War. Vehicles parked without a Car Tag will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense. Vehicles used to leave site will not be allowed to re-enter the site without a properly displayed and completed Car Tag.
  • Only Park in Designated Areas: All parking areas are clearly marked at the site, and vehicles, trailers and RVs must be parked in those designated spaces. Fire lanes and all roads must be kept clear at all times! Unattended parked vehicles, trailers or RVs (even those with a valid Car Tag) that are found in a fire lane, in a camp, on a grass area, or parked in a lane/roadway will be towed immediately at the owner’s expense.
  • Park in the Correct Parking Area: The Car Tags you are issued at the Front Gate identify the parking area you must use. Vehicles found parked in the wrong parking areas will be towed at the owner’s expense. For example, you must have a current disabled license plate or placard to park in a disabled accessible parking space; you must have a Merchant Parking Car Tag to park in the Merchant Parking lot, etc.

 We ask that all attendees review the Site Rules on this website, and the driving and parking regulations printed in the Estrella War Gate book given to you when you arrive to be sure you understand the site road layout and where to park while you unload and after you are done unloading your things.

General Parking

Free general parking is provided at the site for the vehicles and trailers you bring to the event. Check your Gate book or the site map for the location of the regular General Parking lots and move your vehicles and trailers there as soon as you have finished unloading.

  • Each vehicle and trailer must have its own Car Tag displayed in the windshield or taped onto the vehicle. Please be sure you ask for the proper number of Car Tags you need at the Front Gate when you arrive.
  • Trailers must be unhitched and left in their own separate parking space.
  • Park only up against a berm (mound of dirt separating fields). Do not park in the middle of a field or pulled up against the bumper of another vehicle. Do not block any roadways.

Disabled Access Parking

Disabled access parking spaces are provided for persons who provide a hanging mirror placard, or vehicle registration showing disabled access plates, when they check in at the Front Gate. A special Disabled Access Car Tag is then issued to authorize disabled access parking in the designated disabled access spaces at the site. Individuals, who arrive in vehicles with disabled access plates, but without a hanging mirror placard or vehicle registration, will only be issued a disabled access pass after a designated staff member walks to their vehicle and confirms the disabled access plates. If you arrive when the Front Gate is busy or short staffed, you may be asked to wait until Front Gate personnel are available to do this.

Paid Parking

A limited number of Paid Parking spaces are available. You may pre-register for paid spaces. Spaces at the gate will be available on a first-come basis until gone. Paid disabled access parking spaces are available in the Paid Parking Lot.

Day Parking

Check your Gate book or the site map for the location of the Day Parking lot. The lot will be checked daily and any vehicle remaining after 8am the next morning will be subject to towing.

RV Parking

Schnepf Farms will have a limited number of Wet RV spots available to reserve separately from Estrella War for a fee. You may contact Schnepf Farms directly at 480-987-3333 to reserve your spot; All fees for direct reservations will be managed by Schnepf Farms and not Estrella War. There will not be any Dry RV spot reservations available through Schnepf Farms for this event. Note that These “Wet” RV spaces are a service of Schnepf Farms and are not related to the SCA, Inc. or the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and these spaces are not managed or run by the Estrella War staff.

Gypsy wagons or other “wagons” that are of total period appearance are allowed to “camp” within the tent areas. Wheels must be covered appropriately and there is no dumping of any kind allowed in the camping areas. Parking of these trailers/campers is subject to review by the Site Coordinator and the Mains and you may be asked to move to Dry RV parking if ambiance requirements are not sufficient.

Trucks used to pull your camp trailer or RV may not be parked in the Dry RV Parking lot—these must be parked in General Parking.

There is NO tent camping allowed in the RV parking area. Please limit the use of day shades and/or outside equipment due to the close-quarter nature of the RV parking. Share the space with your neighbor. There are NO fire pits of any kind allowed in RV parking due to the inherent safety concerns.

Personal Generators: Generators that are the modern “quiet” type (where the noise is very minimal) may be used any time. Generators that are NOT quiet must be turned off at night. Estrella war has a general noise curfew of 2:00 AM. However, please remember to be courteous to your neighbors.

Fires in RV: Fires are not allowed in RV parking due to inherent safety concerns. Fires are only allowed in regular camping areas and must follow the firepit guidelines outlined in the Site Rules.