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Heavy Weapons and Rapier Tournaments

Special Events Schedule

Rapier Tourney Schedule EWXXXIII 2017

5 Man Hard Suit Tourney
Thursday, February 23
8 PM – 10 PM

Five to ten person teams of varying weapon styles will compete in an either single or double elimination tourney, depending on number of teams. Each team fields 5 fighters at a time, only two knights may be fielded at a time. Teams should come up with unique and suitable names and heraldry.

Teams will compete on 3 different scenarios in rotation. The first scenario is an open field. Second is a bridge battle. When there are two remaining teams the final scenario will be fought on a broken field flag scenario to determine the tournament victor.
Marshals will be present to referee the games and ensure honest and competitive play under SCA guidelines. It is encouraged that each team bring at least one non-combatant who is familiar with the rules and authorized to marshal to help.

Scoring: Each round points are awarded to both the winning team and losing team for kills and objectives gained. These points are used to determine which teams advance to the next round.

Thursday, February 23
9 to as late as 5pm.
Outlands Prize

Outlands Prize Tournament Pre-Registration!

Planning on going to Estrella?

Want to test your mettle against the finest fighters in the Knowne World in The Outlands Prize Tournament?

Wish you didn’t have to stand in line at the list table when you really need another cup of coffee and to replace that broken strap on your leg armor?

Well guess what? You don’t have to!

For the FIRST TIME in Outlands History!! Tournament Pre-Registration!

In a dynamite collaboration between the Outlands Mistress of the Lists and Webminister, you can now avoid the line at the list table, try something new, and help us develop a new way of managing these huge tournaments!  Just click go to the Minister of the Lists page and find the link in the Quick Links sidebar:


– or –

Go directly to the form:


Fill in the required fields (Outlands fighters, please note that you are required to submit proof of membership as well as your fighter authorization card) and hit send!  That’s it!  You’re in!

Please – only pre-register if you are sure you’re entering.  If you haven’t decided yet, please wait until you are sure, or come to the List table the morning of the tournament

-Hard Suit
The list table for the Outlands Prize Tournament opens at 9am, bring your fighter authorization cards to the list table (Outlanders, you’ll need your membership card as well).

Assignment of fighters to each pit will be a mixture of all Kingdoms and ranks – we pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to fight people from across the Knowne World. The fighting will open with bear pits. The first and second fighters will start off in a single fight. The loser will exit to give the name of the one who just beat them to the List Mistress for their field and goes to the end of the line. The next fighter in the line goes into fight the winner. You know the drill.

If there is a double kill, both fighters are considered to have a loss. In this case, 2 new fighters will enter the ring for the next fight. If a fighter in a cell achieves 15 wins, they are automatically in the final and are removed from the Bear Pit.

Weapons are limited to 7.5 feet in length. After the 1-hour Bear Pit, the top winning fighters (including those that acquired 15 wins in that cell) will move on to a Best 2-of-3, double elimination tournament with all the pomp (double kills re fought). Additionally, a secondary tournament from fighters specifically selected from the bear pits will run concurrently. Draws will be semi-random and we will try to minimize the fighters having to fight someone from their own kingdom or one they have fought before. This will start with multiple fields and dwindle to one as the number of fighters lessons.

The victor of each tournament will receive wonderful prizes gifted by Outlands artisans and her citizens!

Friday, February 24
1pm – 6ish
Rose Cancer Tournament

-Hard Suit
Come out all in support of the American Cancer Society. This will be the 11th Anniversary of the Rose’s Cancer Tournament. We have been fortunate enough to raise over $30,000 over the history of this tourney.

The top eight competitors will receive prizes. The minimum donation to enter the list is $5, but larger donations are always accepted. The tournament will start after melees on Friday afternoon around 3pm. Please come support the 10 year anniversary of this great cause.

In honor of those who fight the battle against cancer, having lost or continuing to fight, the Roses for Cancer Tournament is a fundraiser. All fighters are encouraged to donate $5 or more to enter the tourney and any and all are encouraged to donate even if they don’t enter the tourney (this is a fundraiser after all). The format is a progressive weapons style tournament with each fighter guaranteed a minimum of 4 fights. Rules of the field are standard Atenveldt conventions. There will be a prize, but it will not be announced in advance and will be given privately to the winner of the tournament.

Atenveldt allowable blade conventions will be observed. Parrying devices, armor, and weapons will be inspected before each tournament by Tournament Marshals and designees. Armor standards are those of your home kingdom. All authorized rapier fighters must provide proof of their authorization in Heavy Rapier / Cut & Thrust Rapier, or else have a Marshal from their Kingdom vouch for them. Lists will open and armor inspections will begin app

A&S Torchlight Tourney
Friday, February 24
9 PM start

After dark on Friday of Estrella War during Midnight Madness – Lanterns, Libations and Lyrics! Show off your skills that are best in the dark. There will be a Queen’s Choice, Laurel’s Choice and Populace Choice for the Arts & Sciences display that best shows off a love for the night.

Saturday, February 25
1:30pm -7pm
5th Annual Novice Tournaments

For the Rapier and Hardsuit Fighters of the Knowne World

The Tournament will be held on Saturday the 25th of February, at Estrella War XXXIII, in the Town Square.

There will be two Lists. The lists are open to all Non-Peer fighters of the Known World who have been fighting in their respective disciplines for 3 years or less. Fighters are encouraged to use whichever weapon form that they feel most competent with and may choose a different weapon form in any round. The Tournament formats will depend on the number of participants.

Fighters, bring your Consort and any pageantry that you can muster. If you do not have a consort, we can help find you one. If you would like to be a consort or a part of the Gallery, please see Her Excellency Vicaress Dasha at the list table.

We ask that the members of the Chivalry and Masters of Defense come support the young fighters and help to marshal the list.

The List will open at 1:30PM near the eriks and the tourney will begin promptly at 2:00pm. All Fighters will go through a formal inspection of armor and weapons. There will be a medallion for the Overall Victor of Each Style Tournament, and also one for the fighter deemed to be the most Chivalrous in each Style by HE Elena’s Ladies Gallery. The medallions and entrance favors are crafted by Duke Arthur O’Flaherty, Laurel and Knight of the Society.

Saturday, February 25
3pm – 5pm
Oleander Tournament

Hard Suit
Calling all Female Fighters

First Prize is a $100 gift certificate to Icefalcon Armory

For those whose metal has been tested upon the fields of Estrella
and who doth wear the Order of the Oleander a tourney like no
other is being held just for you.

The crowds will awe as heavy weapons women warriors take the
tourney field to challenge women who, like themselves, have been
found worthy.

Come, one and all to witness the beauty of the Oleander and its
deathly force.

This is a mixed weapon tourney. Bring everything you wish to fight with. The entry fee is to bring with you a member of the Chivalry to assist with marshalling, or a Lady of the Rose to assist with various prize decisions. And anyone else you would like to accompany you.

If this is your first Estrella War and have not been awarded your Oleander in court yet, come and fight, you too are welcome.

Assistance with the list table and field support is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Any questions please contact: Mistress Elspeth Anne von Bremen, OP


Saturday, February 25
After Scenarios on Battlefield
THL Bran Ironskull Memorial

This will be a minimal armor gathering in honor of Lord Bran Ironskull of the Kingdom of the Outlands. He was a vicious fighter on the field and one of the most loving, Kind and generous people off of it. This is to honor his memory in the crazy way he fought so please wear the minimum armor required and be shirtless.

The format will be Meanest mother, no shields. Bran was a theign of the iron heart, so bring all sorts of weapons. Pink tape on the edges please and if you can find the tie dye tape as seen in above picture please copy.

For the whole day before we asking those to be in true bran fashion as well…

Sunday, February 26
Inspections at 9am, Fighting at 10am
Weissdrachen Lady’s Schlager Treasure Chest Tournament

Come one, come all, Lady Rapier Fighters of the Known World: participate in the Weissdrachen Lady’s Schlager Treasure Chest Tournament. This year’s tournament is once again in honor and memory of The Most Honorable Lady Regan Weissdrachen. Test your skills with sword in hand, against other Ladies while wearing your fanciest Fighting Garb. Demonstrate the “Spirit” ladies have on and off of the tournament field. Today we celebrate Life! List fee is a bauble or a prize for the Treasure Chest. Rules of the field are standard Estrella War Rapier conventions. Outlands and Atenveldt allowable blade conventions will be observed. Parrying devices, armor, and weapons will be inspected before each tournament by Tournament Marshals and designees. Armor standards are those of your home kingdom. All authorized rapier fighters must provide proof of their authorization in Heavy Rapier / Cut & Thrust Rapier, or else have a Marshal from their Kingdom vouch for them. This will be a Swiss 5 weapons style tournament. Lists will open on Sunday morning and armor inspections will begin @ 9:00 am, with the tournament beginning promptly at 10:00. Lite snacks will be provided for the marshalls and fighters. Sponsored by HE Mistress Deborah Inis Glass and Lady Hamasaki Eiwa Miyako