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Important Dates 2014

Pre-Registration Opens 8/1/13
Last Day for Wet RV Site Raffle 1/31/14
Pre-Registration Closes 2/10/14
Merchant Setup (pre-registered merchants only) 2/24/14
Gate Opens for Pre-registered attendees 2/25/14 at 8:00 AM
Gate Opens for General admission 2/26/14 at 8:00 AM
Site Closes 3/3/2014 at Noon

Everyone entering Estrella War is required to stop at the Front Gate located on the entrance road to the site. There you pay an entrance fee (or check-in if you used Pre-Registration to pay before the event), and complete liability waivers and paperwork for the vehicles/trailers you have with you.

Before leaving the Front Gate, each attendee receives a Site Token or Youth Token, along with pet tags and Car Tags for the vehicles, trailers and RVs they plan to use and/or park at the event. Attendees must wear their Site/Youth Tokens while at the event as proof they paid the proper entrance fee. Car Tags must be visibly displayed on all parked vehicles, trailers and RVs at the site. We ask all attendees to review the Site Rules before they arrive so they understand these guidelines.

If you wish to participate in the Wet RV Parking lot raffle, please follow the instructions located under Wet/Dry RV under parking.

Fee Schedule 2014


Adult $70.00 Metal Site Token
Non Member Surcharge $5.00 In addition to site fee
Youth ( 6 – 17) $25.00 token + colored wrist band
Child ( 0 – 5) Free colored wrist band
Family cap $165.00 Defined as 2 adults and 1 or more youth living at same address (children free)
Paid Parking $20.00
RV space $25.00 Dry RV until sold out, 4 wet RV spaces available at $100 via lottery system

The advantages to pre-registration will include the $15 savings as well as the ability to come in on Tuesday (General Admission does not open until Wednesday) and guaranteed camping space for each pre-registered person. To participate in the Wet RV Raffle, you must be pre-registered by 1/31/2014

At Gate

Adult $85.00 metal site token
Weekend Rate $65.00 Available friday morning, metal site token
Non Member Surcharge $5.00 In addition to site fee
Youth (6 – 17) $25.00 token + colored wrist band
Child (0 – 5) Free colored wrist band
Family cap $195.00 Defined as 2 adults and 1 or more youth living at same address (children free)
Paid Parking $20.00 per space, trailers need their own space
RV space $25.00 Dry RV, if space available

Day Trip (starting Wednesday)

Adult $20.00 colored wrist band
Non Member Surcharge $5.00 In addition to site fee
Youth (6 – 17) $10.00 colored wrist band
Child (0 – 5) Free hand stamp

This year we are offering a family cap for day trip of $60.00.

What must I bring to Front Gate?

  1. Cash or traveler’s checks are needed to pay admission fees when you arrive. The Front Gate will not accept personal or corporate checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, credit cards or debit cards, and may not be able to accept $100 or $50 bills or travelers checks unless your fees come close to that total.
  2. Adults must have some form of photo ID showing age or date of birth. This is required even if you are pre-registered.
  3. Youths (6 to 17 years old), and children (up to and including 5 years old), must be accompanied by their parents/legal guardian or have paperwork completed/notarized by their parents/guardians. You must have two copies of the guardian paperwork with you. One copy will be left at the gate and one will be carried with the guardian. Please review the Attending with Minors guidelines if you are bringing minors with you.
  4. Emancipated minors must bring copies of legal proof of emancipation that can be retained by the SCA at the Front Gate.
  5. Proof of current SCA membership is needed or you will be required to pay non-member fees. Proof must be presented even when you are pre-registered.
  6. License plate numbers must be provided for each vehicle, trailer and RV you bring so you can be issued a Car Tag for parking.
  7. Handicap persons must show a hanging mirror placard, or a vehicle registration showing handicap plates, to be issued a Car Tag authorizing handicapped parking at the site.

What paperwork verifies my SCA membership?

You must present proof of current SCA membership at the Front gate if you wish pay the SCA member-rates for admission. Without one of the below items, you will be required to pay non-member entrance fees:

  • Official Blue or White SCA Membership Card
  • Any official SCA publication showing the member’s name and membership expiration date on the mailing label.
  • An SCA stamped, return-receipt of membership fee payment slip from the SCA Corporate office in Milpitas, CA.
  • A printed membership form/receipt from the online SCA membership services page on the SCA web site.

Important Restrictions

  • You may not enter the site to unload or setup camp unless everyone in the vehicle has paid an entrance fee and has a Site Tag. If someone is delivering items to the event for you, please arrange to have someone who has paid a Site Fee drive the vehicle to your camp, unload, and return the vehicle to the Front Gate. The driver can wait for the vehicle at Front Gate while this is done.
  • If you arrive via a livery service (taxi, shuttle, limo), your gear must be unloaded at the Front Gate parking area and the service vehicle will not be allowed to enter the event and drive to your camp. Please make prior arrangements with your camping group to help move your items to the campsite.
  • If you arrive the day of pre-registration and are not pre-registered, you will not be allowed entrance; even if you arrive with people who are pre-registered to arrive that day. Only those who are pre-registered for arrival will be allowed to enter the site. General admission does not begin until 8:00 am the following day and anyone who is not pre-registered must wait until then to be allowed entrance to the war.
Pre-reg is now closed Continue to Front Gate