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  • If you wish to pay using Paypal, click
    • After completion of the Google docs you will receive a Paypal invoice with the applicable charges. Please wait up to 72 hours for receipt. If you do not pay in full prior to the deadline, you are not registered.


  • Locals: there will be opportunities (announced in advance) to register at events.
  • General Admission Registration Forms are found here:

The prereg has not been opened yet. Further info will be coming soon…

Fee Schedule 2020
There is a $5 discount for all members that is not included in the fee schedule.

 Pre-RegAt Gate 
Adult Full Event$75.00$90.00Site Token
Adult Weekend
(Friday 8am – Monday)
$60.00$70.00Site Token
Full Event Family Cap*$175.00$205.00Site Tokens & Youth Site Tokens
Weekend Family Cap*$145.00$165.00Site Tokens & Youth Site Tokens
Discount for Member
(max 2 for Family Cap)
-$5.00-$5.00Deducted from site fee
Youth (6-17)$25.00$25.00Youth Site Token and colored wrist band
Child (5 and under) FreeFreeColored Wrist Band
Adult Day Trip
(Thursday-Sunday) 8am
-$25.00Colored wrist band, must leave by 10pm and park in day trip parkin
Youth Day Trip (6-17)-$10.00Colored Wrist Band
Child Day Trip (0-5)-FreeColored Wrist Band
Day Trip Family Cap*-$70.00Colored wrist bands, must leave by 10pm and park in day trip parking
Discount for Member
(max 2 for Family Cap)
-$5-$5Deducted from site fee
Paid Parking (includes paid ADA accessible parking)$20.00$20.00
General ParkingFreeFree
ADA Accessible General ParkingFreeFree
Day ParkingFreeFree
Dry RV Space$36$36Dry RV Available until sold out
Wet RV SpaceNot AvailableNot AvailableLimited spaces, only available directly from Schnepf Farms. Opens June 1, 2019 [for 2020 War]

* Family cap = 2 adults & 1 or more child living at the same address