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Pre-registration for 2017 is now open.

Pre-Registration for Estrella XXXIII may be submitted using one of two methods.

1) The Pre-Registration Form and a check or money order mailed to:

Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA Inc.
PO Box 30777, Mesa, AZ 85275

2) The Pre-Registration Form and a check, cash (exact amount only) or money order submitted in person at the following events:

Date                                Event                                                                     Hosting Barony
3-Dec 2016            Northern Yule                                             Ered Sul
10-Dec 2016          Central Yule                                                Atenveldt, Sun Dragon, Twin Moons
10-Dec 2016          Mons Tonitrus Yule                                     March of Mons Tonitrus
11-Dec-2016          Fate and Fortune Tournament                   Tir Ysgithr
8-Jan 2017            Southern War Practice                                Tir Ysgithr
21-Jan 2017          Silent Angels
28-Jan-2017          Sable Knight Tournament                           Tir Ysgithr
29-Jan 2017          Northern War Practice                                 Granite Mountain
4-5 Feb 2017         Spring Crown/Warlord                                March of Mons Tonitrus

WE ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME, EITHER ONLINE OR IN PERSON. Only those who have pre-registered for all members of their party will be allowed on site before general admission.
**If you Pre-Register you can arrive at 8am on Tuesday, February 21st. All others can arrive at 12pm on Wednesday, February 22nd.**

Benefits of Pre-Registration

  • If you pre-register, you can enter the site one day earlier than those who pay General Admission.
  • Pre-registration entrance fees are lower than the General Admission fees paid at the Gate.
  • The Front Gate only accepts cash and traveler’s checks.  Pre-registration fees may be paid by personal check or money order.
  • The Pre-Registration entrance line at the Front gate is generally far shorter and moves much faster than the General Admission line.
  • Group camping and Dry RV space is guaranteed to pre–registered participants only.  Front gate attendees may camp on a first come, first served basis as extra space allows.

RV Parking:  Three Wet RV spaces (20ft wide and 36ft long) are limited and will be available by raffle.  To enter the Wet RV raffle, you MUST pre-register by February 8th. Raffle entrants will be notified of results via the e-mail address provided on the pre-registration form. Winners will be required to pay the extra fee of $150.00 for the wet site on arrival.

Schnepf Farms will have a limited number of Wet RV spots available to reserve separately from Estrella War for a fee. You may contact Schnepf Farms directly at 480-987-3333 to reserve your spot; All fees for direct reservations will be managed by Schnepf Farms and not Estrella War. There will not be any Dry RV spot reservations available through Schnepf Farms for this event. Note that These “Wet” RV spaces are a service of Schnepf Farms and are not related to the SCA, Inc. or the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and these spaces are not managed or run by the Estrella War staff.

Fifty Dry RV spaces (18ft wide and 36ft wide) are available on a first come, first served basis for an additional fee of $35.00.  Individuals may reserve dry RV spaces at the time they pre-register.

For additional information, please see Wet/Dry RV under parking.

Payment can be paid by check or money order made payable to:
Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA Inc.
PO Box 30777, Mesa, AZ  85275

Fee Schedule 2017

Pre-Reg At Gate
Adult Full Event $75.00 $90.00 Metal Site Token
Adult Weekend
(Friday 8am – Monday)
$60.00 $70.00 Metal Site Token
Full Event Family Cap* $175.00 $205.00 Metal and Youth Site Tokens
Weekend Family Cap* $145.00 $165.00 Metal and Youth Site Tokens
Discount for Member
(max 2 for Family Cap)
-$5 -$5 Deducted from site fee
Youth (6-17) $25.00 $25.00 Youth Site Token and colored wrist band
Child (5 and under) Free Free Colored wrist band
Adult Day Trip
(Thursday-Sunday) 8am
$25.00 Colored wrist band, must leave by 10pm and park in day trip parking
Youth Day Trip (6-17) $10.00 colored wrist band
Child Day Trip (0-5) Free colored wrist band
Day Trip Family cap* $70.00 colored wrist bands, must leave by 10pm and park in day trip parking
Discount for Member
(max 2 for Family Cap)
-$5 -$5 Deducted from site fee
Paid Parking (includes paid ADA accessible parking) $20.00 $20.00
Tandem Parking $35.00 $35.00
General Parking Free Free
ADA Accessible General Parking Free Free
Day Parking Free Free
Dry RV space $35.00 $35.00 Dry RV available until sold out
Wet RV space $150.00 Not Available 3 Wet RV Spaces by Raffle

*  Family cap = 2 adults & 1 or more child living at the same address

Please note that the fees for Estrella XXXIII are the same as for Estrella XXXII.  The Society no longer charges a Non-member Surcharge.  All rates above are Full Admission Prices.  Members of the SCA receive a $5 discount on their admission fee.  Membership must be current at the time of the event to receive the Member Discounted Rate.

How do I Pre-Register by mail?

  1. Download and complete a Pre-Registration Form for each person attending.  Keep the following in mind as you complete the form:
    • Calculate fees based on the status of an attendee’s SCA membership when they arrive at the event (you must bring proof of current membership to the Front Gate to be eligible for the Member Discounted rate).
    • Determine the fees paid for minors based on the age the minor will be when they arrive at the event.
  2. Confirmation e-mails will be e-mailed to you within 4-6 weeks.  If you have not received confirmation after 6 weeks, please e-mail Lady Seonaid McDaid, Registrar at preregistration@estrellawar.org to inquire about the status of your registration.
  3. Mail in Pre-Registration address:

Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA Inc.
PO Box 30777, Mesa, AZ  85275

General Instructions

Emergency Contact Information

  • All registrants must provide Emergency Contact Information.
  • Aside from SCA names, all information provided should be legal name, address etc.


  • A registrant is considered a minor if, upon arrival, the registrant is under 18 years old.

Camping Information

  • If camping with the Kingdom of Atenveldt, you must designate which local group. (Barony, Shire, or College) you are camping with.


You must include a printed copy of the pre-registration form for each of the parties for which you are submitting payment.  Pre-Registrations will not be fully processed until payment is received.

  • Make checks or money orders payable to:  Estrella War, SCA Inc.
  • Send Payments to:
    Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA Inc.
    PO Box 30777, Mesa, AZ 85275

What do Pre-Registered people bring to Front Gate?

  1. Your Pre-Registration confirmation e-mail.
  2. A Photo ID showing your age or date of birth.
  3. Proof of your SCA membership.  If you pre-registered at the Member Discounted rate, but do not have proof of current SCA membership with you when you arrive at Gate, you will be required to pay the $5 fee difference.
  4. All the completed, signed, and notarized forms required if you are attending with minors not accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Can I transfer my Pre-Registration to someone else?

Your Estrella War Pre-Registration may be transferred to another individual by writing “I hereby transfer this Pre-Registration to (Modern Name of person transferring to)” on your Pre-registration confirmation letter or e-mail and signing your modern name.  The transferee must then present this along with all other items required for Pre-registration check-in (Photo ID, proof of membership, completed forms for minors, etc.).  There will be no partial refunds for transferred Pre-Registrations.  If the individual receiving the transfer is not a member and the Pre-Registration is paid at the Member Discounted rate, they will be required to pay the $5 difference in fees.