SCA Guidelines

The Estrella War is an annual event administered and hosted by the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a local regional chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  The running of the event is therefore governed by administrative and operational guidelines in corporate documents, and in guidelines specific to the local hosting chapter.

SCA Corporate Documents

Every activity related to the Estrella War, including the appointment of event coordinators, planning of the event, reporting requirements, interactions with vendors and the media, and parameters for holding activities at the event, must be conducted within the SCA’s Corporate Guidelines.  A full list of the official documents of the SCA that explain corporate guidelines is provided on the corporate website.

Key among the official links you will find on the corporate website is one called the “Governing Documents of the SCA, Inc”. More than any other, the Corpora, Corporate By-Laws, Corporate Policies, and Articles of Incorporation accessed at that link define the structure of how the SCA works.  The corporate website also provides the following important policies and procedures that apply to the running of Estrella War:

  • Waivers and Minors’ forms required when people attend an SCA event.
  • Insurance Related Information explaining requirements to ensure corporate liability insurance applies for the event.
  • Corporate Financial Policies explaining how financial matters must be conducted for the event.
  • Society Officer Policies explaining officer guidelines for event administration, handling finances, interacting with the media, publications, administering first aid at an event, guidelines for SCA combat, and more.

Local Regional Chapter Guidelines

The Estrella War is an event administered and hosted by a local regional chapter of the SCA called the Kingdom of Atenveldt.  That local chapter also has procedures and policies that govern the way SCA events are held in the region.  These guidelines supplement the corporate rules by which the event is run.  For example, the Kingdom of Atenveldt guidelines explain:

  • How the event coordinators and officers running the Estrella War are recruited, selected, and appointed
  • Reporting guidelines for the event coordinators and people handling the Estrella War finances (budgeting, collection of admission fees, paying of vendors, etc.)
  • Guidelines for the way regional officers handle responsibilities of their offices at the event

A full list of the official documents of the Kingdom of Atenveldt is provided on the Kingdom website under the menu selections Law and Traditions and Atenveldt Officer Policies.The following documents shown on those pages are particularly important:

Questions about the SCA Corporate & Kingdom Guidelines that apply to the Estrella War should be directed to the Kingdom of Atenveldt Seneschal.