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Town Square

Town Square is the hub for the majority of scheduled fighting tournaments for both heavy Armored Combat, Youth Combat and Rapier. See Special Events for dates and times.
Our town square will offer you:

Merchant’s Row

Stroll the Merchant’s Row, with all the fantastic things to do at war shopping sits among the top the list. Nothing is more delightful that to peruse the many varied wares offered by welcoming and knowledgeable merchants.
Have a seat and linger over a shared meal under huge shade pavilions, Merchants Row offers a dizzying array of food Vendors. Main, side, and sweet dishes for every pallet and whim await you.

Special Events

Lazily sit and socialize over a period board game. If you are feeling energetic, step up your game and bat about a shuttlecock, partake in a game or Bocci or Croquet (games and equipment can be checked out at Town Square).
Three Artisan Showcases awaits one and all from the known world; the Traditional, Laurel’s, and new in 2014, Fiftieth challenge. Bring your best for bragging rights and mentoring purposes. Brewing Competitions and Brewers Tasting, and a plethora of other entertaining and novel events are in store for you.
Get your game on! For you ladies who like to pit your size, strength, speed and skills against one another, a rousing game of Helga Ball. Que Loo Loo (The wolf’s tail) is a delightful game of tag for children, and Barres (Prisoner’s base) is likened to capture the flag but with prisoners instead. See the games section of Special Events for details.
In the cool of the evening Estrella War dresses up and everyone comes to the Town Square for the grandiose parties, the biggest of these is the Masked Revel with and contests of dalliance and flirtation, entertainment and the splendor of the Grandest Courts of the land.

Medieval Village

The Medieval Village is back, bigger and better, giving you a unique opportunity to converse with artisans and craftsman as they ply their trades in the finest tradition of living historians. EW radio and the melodious sound of the clock tower will ring out once again.

Known World Rapier Camp

The Known World Rapier Camp will have a tournament every day this year, in addition to the three days of melee scenarios! Fighters in the Art of Defense can look forward to expert instruction and the sharing of techniques.

Help Points

Town Square also, for your conveniences hosts all of the traditional services you have come to rely on; Herald’s Point, Chirurgeon’s Point, Merchants, Special Events & the Mains (which are all under one roof at Mains Steward’s Point) and The Watch.