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Check back for 2015 Merchants.

Shopping! With all the fantastic things to do at war shopping tops the list. Estrella War boasts a variety of Merchants each eager to show their wares. From sandal to sword, goblet to throne you will find all you need to turn your home into a castle. Come join your old and soon to be new friends at the Food Court. Merchant’s Row: the only place to be!

Note Wares: listed are by no means the only items they have.

# Shop Wares


A1 Ice Falcon Armory
A2 Nativearth Leather foot wear
A3 Eager Productions and Duncan Metal Craft Pottery and Metal works
A4 Aurora’s Creations Accessories
A5 BadgerCreek Soap and drinking horns
A6 WindRose Armory
A7 White Wolf and Phoenix Fabric and Fiber Arts
A8 Raymond’s Quiet Press Books and more
A9 Wanderlust Jewelry, Belly Dance
A10 Gypsy Nonnie Garb
A11 Serpent’s Eye Fur and More
A12 Another Realm Mixed Media Artists


B1 Castle Home Designs Home Decor
B2 Courtly Garb Garb
B3 Medieval Merchant
B4 Silver Dragon Music
B5 Silver Dragon
B6 Roadkill Salvage Leatherworks
B7 Manipulations in Wire Jewelry
B8 Amazonia Rapier
B9 Age of Chivalry Metal Work


C1 Greystone Garb Garb
C2 Celtic Sun Traders Metalwork
C3 Revival Enterprises
C4 Alta Cruz Pottery
C5 Crafty Celts Celtic Jewelry
C6 Little John the Blacksmith’s House of Steel
C7 Knights and Princess Lair Garb
C8 Moonstruck Garb
C9 Moonstruck


D1 Green Mountain Leathercraft
D2 Feed The Ravens Norse Goods
D3 Aesir Metalworks
D4 Designs By Kate Garb
D5 Mercy Hairbraiding
D6 Hands of Mercy Massage
D7 Banner Knife and Garb
D8 Ater Years Patterns and accessories
D9 Mediaeval Miscellanea Tents and more


E1 Calontir Trim
E2 Simply Stylish
E3 Anaya Tribal Middle Eastern
E4 Fairebows Archery
E5 D&B Leather Uncut leather and furs
E6 Traditional General Store
E7 Your Portrait in Fursona Portrait as an animal, shirts


F1 Piggy Pop Concessions
F2 Piggy Pop Concessions
F3 McGilly Sassparilly Specialty Drinks
F4 VT Express and MV Gourmet
F5 Temple of Siam and Temple Ice Cream
F6 Temple of Siam and Temple Ice Cream
F7 Holy Crepe and Dragon ’Em’Inn
F8 Heritage Meatpies
F9 House of Fletcher
F10 House of Fletcher


G1 Jaeger Knives
G2 Amicia’s Amenities
G3 Amicia’s Amenities
G4 Mad Mongol Accessories
G5 Knotch Knocker Accessories
G6 Gwenneth’s Garb
G7 Crystal Light Focus Jewelry


H1 Highland Blacksmith
H2 Two Hawks Leather and Gifts
H3 Pine Box Traders Weaving, Beads
H4 Steel-n-String Blacksmithy and Fiberware
H5 Sky Lanterns
H6 Phoenix Garb and Trim
H7 Magic Mehadi: Henna by Annwyn


J1 Treasures From The Cairn Leather goods
J2 Crossbow and Bolt Archery and More
J3 Crossbow and Bolt
J4 S’Ages Beads, trim
J5 Pimp your Garb
J6 Outlander’s Express
J7 Denecker Pottery


K1 Reannag Teine Pottery
K2 Reannag Teine Pottery
K3 Flying Skwrl Chain mail Jewelry
K4 Baron’s Beauties Pirate Toys
K5 B. Coole Designs Patches
K6 Longship Luxury Goods
K7 Cactus Fire Pottery