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Youth Activities

Everyone is welcome to come join us at the youth corner at War. We will have different area activities that include Yarn dolls, decorating drinking cups,making beaded necklaces/bracelets, coloring, stick weaving, yarn bowls, belly dancing belts, and paper bag puppets. Our classes so far are learning to make lotion bars, butter making, learning to use a lucet, heraldry, making maracas, learning to hand sew with Tudor roses, candles, making a homemade fan, dragon snot, finger knitting, calligraphy, favor making, learning to spin fiber with spindles, bardic and kumihimo.

We are having a Teen Bardic competition for ages 13-19 on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Barony of Tir Ysgithr Camp.
End of War parties for ages 5-12 Saturday at 4 p.m. at the youth center for ages 13-19 Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Tea House.
Please remember that a parent needs to sign in their children from the ages of 0-12. Also, a parent needs to stay with their child at the youth center from the ages of 0-6. I cannot stop a child from leaving the youth center so please remember to inform your child to stay until you come back for them. We are not a babysitting service. Please look for any updates on the Estrella War Facebook Page.

10 a.m. Learning Heraldry with Chalk with Wade Greenwall
11 a.m. Dying materials with Inea Atenveldt
1 p.m. Courtly Graces with Finna Ingen UiChellaig
3 p.m. Learning Stick Weaving

9 a.m. Learning to make butter
11 a.m. Favor making with Nicole Scofield
1 p.m. Learning to make lotion
2 p.m. Learning to Lucet with Joanna Reis
3 p.m. Painting Wands

9 a.m. Story Time and Crafts with Quillon Corbie Dayton
10 a.m. Learning Kumihimo
11 a.m. Decorating Popsicle Stick Swords/Ribbon Wands
1 p.m. Learning to Hand Sew Tudor Roses with Gabrielle Johnson
2 p.m. Learning Basic Bardic ages 5-12 with Magdalen Venturosa (Monique Berry Lyon)
3 P.M. Lets make Catapults
4 p.m. End of War Party for ages 5-12 here at the youth center with hot chocolate and cookies.
7 p.m. End of War Party for ages 13-19 at the Witchy Woods Tea House with hot chocolate and cookies.

9 a.m. Learning to use a spindle with the dyed material from Wednesday’s class with Valdisa Alarsdottir
10 a.m. Making homemade fans with Susan Kirk Brahs
11 a.m. Lets make music- Shakers
1 pm. Finger Knitting with Taylor Walton
2 p.m. Learning Basic Calligraphy with Taylor Walton
3 p.m. Making Dragon Snot with Joanna Reis
8 pm. Teen Bardic for ages 13-19 at The Barony of Tir Ysgithr

We will also have tables set up different activities
1. Yarn dolls/Yarn bowls
2. Decorating drinking cups
3. Making jewelry with beads
4. Medieval Scroll Sheets from T.f. Lewis
5. Paper bag puppets
6. Belly Dancing belts