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Youth Activities

Youth of the Known World! The glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt will be offering classes at this years Estrella War. Classes will include learning to read sundials, candle making, book binding, courtly graces, embroidery, lucet cord making, and whip cording! These are just a sampling of class that are being offered. The youth corner will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Teenagers! Don’t worry, we will have a place for you as well. It will be located adjacent to the primary youth area. Activities will include tournaments for Chess, Bardic, and Crafts.

Attention Estrella War attendees: Youth corner cannot run without you! Please see the Youth Volunteer Coordinator or email us at youthcenter@estrellawar.org. We are asking for volunteers to both teach and help with the youth. We ask that parents/guardians take at least a 1-hour shift to help support the youth corner. Children under 5 will have to have a parent/guardian with them at all times.

Youth Activities Schedule

9:00 Story Time
10:00 Butter Making
12:00 Learning How to read Sun Dials
1:00 Working with Food to make Stamps
2:00 Learning to make Drink Holders
4:00 Making your own Tic Tac Toe Game
5:00 We Close
9:00 Story Time
10:00 Making Lanterns (Plastic Cups)
11:00 Learning to use Lucets
1:00 Making Needle Booklets with Isabelle Le Charpentier de Normandie
2:00 Courtly Graces with Fine ingen Ui Chellaig
4:00 Whip Cording
5:00 We Close
9:00 Story Time
10:00 Kids of ages 5-11 come learn the Art of Bardic with Runa Gigja
11:00 Learning to make Chinese Crafts with Susanna Broughton
12:00 Bardic contest for the kids of ages 5-11
1:00 Bookbinding with Cian Mac Conmara
3:00 Candle Making
4:00 History of Bardic for ages 12-17, write a song or a story.
5:00 Bardic Contest for ages 12-17 until 6:30 with Runa Gigja
Younger ones can stay we will be Shield making with them.
7:00 We Close
9:00 Story Time
10:00 Dragon Snot
11:00 Come meet the Queen of Atenveldt Her Royal Majesty Golda ferch Deiniol and have tea with her
12:00 Come and join us and talk about YAFA with Alizand Thorgeirsson (yafa.sca.org)
1:00 Come and learn how to draw Celtic Knotwork with Ismeralda Franceska Rusiolelli da Vale (Izzy)
2:00 Embroidery with Mattea Locatelli
4:00 End of War Get Together
5:00 We Close

Teenages You have a place adjacent from the youth corner. Come and meet new people. We have games for all to play Chess, bring your Magic Cards, Jenga, and Yard Yahtzee. We also have for you on Wednesday a Chess Tournment, Thursday a Bardic Tournment, and Friday a Magic the Gathering Tournment. Saturday We will have a end of War get together at 4.