Arts & Sciences

Learn something new from the artisan showcases, brewing competitions and many other fascinating classes. This year a performing arts space is open to perform!

Combat Arts

Archery?  Armored Combat? Rapier? Thrown Weapons? Choose your weapons and find out more of whatever peeks your interests!

Merchant's Row

With all the fantastic things to do at war, shopping sits among the top the list! Peruse the many varied wares offered by our merchants and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Special Events and Tournaments

Emerse yourself in the experience of tournaments, food and goods merchants and more! Get lost in the amazing crafts and excitement going on around you!

Steward’s Point

Town Square also, for your conveniences hosts all of the traditional services you have come to rely on. Herald’s Point, Volunteer’s Point, First Aid, and The Watch.

Youth Activities

This year’s Youth A&S Competition allows ages eleven to 17 years old to compete! Learn more about the rules.
Find out what else in store for kids and teens!