Arts and Sciences

Artisan Showcase

The Showcase is held at War and is intended to invite questions, advice, commentary and interaction between Peers, populace and artisans in a relaxed, social environment.

A&S Competition

This inter-kingdom competition allows artisans to compete and receive feedback about their work from a judging team. Competitors are not declaring for a side but enter the competition for the individual glory.


Learn a new craft this year! Classes are from Wednesday through Saturday. Sign up begins at 8AM on the day the class is offered, on a first come first served basis. Classes are open to any attendees at Estrella war.

Performance Pavilion

Performers! Performance arts lovers! This year we have brought back a performing arts space, open to all performances. So bring your lute or story to share!

Youth Activities

This year’s Youth A&S Competition allows ages eleven to 17 years old to compete! Learn more about the rules.
Find out what else in store for kids and teens!