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Estrella War is officially closed

Greetings, News of Estrella War and its future was released today on the Kingdom of Atenveldt. To avoid duplicating efforts we urge people to read about it here

We are having a War!!

Greetings Unto the Known World!   As the terrible foe is beaten slowly into submission, it is with great joy that We are able to announce that as of this time, pending local regulations, law enforcement and health services requirements, Estrella War will be...

Estrella War has maps!

Greetings everyone. This evening the first maps for Estrella War were published. You can find a copy of it at the top of this post or on the EW Maps page here. You can also download a pdf version of the map on that page.

Estrella War has a Date and Location!!

Greetings everyone! We are pleased to announce that Estrella War now has a date and a location for the 2021 War! It will be hosted Nov 9-15, 2021 at Country Thunder Ranch, AZ ( 20585 E Water Way, Florence, AZ 85132). We look forward to seeing everyone there!

We have a new and refreshed website!

Greetings everyone! We wanted to let everyone know we have a new and refreshed website. We have added a couple new features to the website like you can subscribe to news articles, like this one, and get email updates when a new article is published. To subscribe to...

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