Field Support

Field Support

Field support is there to help keep everyone refreshed and fighting on the field.


Volunteers to marshall at Estrella War do not have to have experience on the field to assist with off the field activities such as verifying that participants are authorized for the activity. To manage activities on the field, they should have an understanding of the rules of engagement and safety guidelines. They should be fully aware of their surroundings, monitoring the action in their territory. They should have sufficient understanding of the activity to call holds when necessary or intervene in dangerous or highly charged situations in order to calm the situation. Their primary responsibility is safety, of participants, of spectators, and of themselves.

If interested please contact the marshal in charge or come out to the field/marshals point with the marshals in the morning.


Archery & Thrown Weapons

Enjoy being a part of one of the biggest Archery and Thrown Weapons events in the nation – Estrella War.
Archery and Thrown Weapons marshals are always looking for help in several areas, including marshaling, setting up and taking down the courses, moving targets in between events, timers, target movers for moving targets, registration, scoring, and much more.
Duties can be traded out during the events so all helpers can compete as well.
To marshal one must have a current marshal warrant.
If you wish to volunteer as a marshal or for any of the duties, please contact the Kingdom Royal Archer via email in advance or find him on the archery range during war.

Why is Field Support so Important?

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