Rapier Conventions & Marshalling

We want to remind all fighters to check the expiration date on your fighter authorization card. If it is going to expire before or during Estrella, please get in touch with your local marshal to work out how to get reauthorized. We want to have as many fighters on the field as possible. so don’t let an expired card be the reason you can’t fight.”

Meet our Rapier Marshal!


Sancha Galindo de Toledo


Greetings to all rapier fighters. I am proud to announce that we have finished negotiating the first part of the Treaty for Rapier Combat at Estrella. The Conventions have been approved by both kingdoms and are now ready to be made public. Please take a few minutes to look through them to understand what rules we will be fighting by at the event. There will be some differences to what you are used to fighting with in your kingdom, regardless of what kingdom you are from. We worked to find a reasonable compromise between the rules and traditions of both Atenveldt and the Outlands.  Our next step will be to finalize the scenarios and publish them. Check in with the event website for the latest information.


If you have any questions or are interested in becoming part of the marshallate team at the War, please let me know. We have opportunities both on the field and off in field marshalling, set up, tear down, logistics, and as deputies.

Below you will find the Rapier Conventions for EW 2021