Event Guide

Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned player, you will find all you need to plan ahead for Estrella War. We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about war below!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pre-Registration, and do I have to Pre-Register to attend?

“Pre-registration” is used to mail or pay your fees in person before the event, and has a number of benefits, including lower entrance fees than the General Admission you would pay when you arrive at the site, and the option to purchase Reserved and Dry RV Parking (see Pre-Registration to review all the benefits). Pre-registration is not required to attend Estrella War. Registration has information on paying a General Admission entrance fee when you arrive at the event.

Do I have to be a member of the SCA to attend Estrella War?

No! People with an SCA membership pay a discounted entrance fee, but you do not have to be a member of the SCA to attend Estrella War. However, if you intend to stay and camp at the event (be there for more than a visit for the day), you should come prepared to be a participant in an historical re-creationist event. It is preferred that make your best effort at wearing middle ages style clothing (not modern clothing) during the time you are at the event. If this is your first time attending, talk to your local group before attending Estrella War about receiving loaner garb for the event.

If you plan to attend with children or pets, please review the special requirements for bringing them to Estrella War.

Where is the event, and do I have to drive or can I fly there?

Eestrella War will be held at Country Thunder Ranch 20585 E Water Way Florance, AZ 

You can drive or fly in, depending on where you live. Check our our Travel section for more information.

What do I need to bring to Estrella War?

Go to Preparing for War. How will you get to the event? What plans do you have for meals? How long do you plan to stay?  A good place to start is here. Remember to consider the weather you may encounter in the winter Arizona desert, and the paperwork and identification you must bring for yourself AND for minors and pets attending the event with you.

As an active enlisted member of the military is there a contact phone number I may be reached at on site?

We are still collecting information and will be making a concerted effort to explore new sites presented sooner rather than later. If you believe you have a location or have any further suggestions, feedback or ideas, please send details to the Kingdom Deputy Seneschal – Estrella War Site/Cartography Coordinator, Master Gavin McLaren.

Once I pay my entrance fee may I leave Estrella War and get back in?

Yes, you will be given a site token (proof of payment of your entrance fee) which should be worn at all times while attending Estrella War, and a car tag that authorize your re-entry if you leave the event grounds (both a site token and a car tag are needed to get back into the event, so be sure you take both with you when you leave). Please see the Site Rules for more information.

Any day is a great day to attend Estrella War, and the more days you can attend, the better! If you are only able to attend for part of the event, choose the days you’ll be there based on when the activities you most enjoy are happening. If you have questions about specific activities and you don’t find the information you need in a schedule, contact the War Staff who is responsible for coordinating that activity and ask for more information.

What is Estrella War?

For more than thirty years now members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to recreating the Middle Ages) and friends have gathered once a year in the sun-kissed lands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt (Arizona). Estrella War is one of the oldest and largest events held in the SCA. It’s purpose: to embark in the fun and frivolity of a week of medieval style camping, pageantry, combat & weaponry skills, arts & sciences including classes & demonstrations… and of course gather in the camaraderie of friends old and new who share in the diverse interests of middle ages life.

Is this like the Renaissance Festival?

It’s better! Unlike a Renaissance Festival, where performers are paid to entertain attendees, the SCA is a re-enactment group where the people attending participate to learn and have fun (no one is paid to attend the event)! Attendees at Estrella War should dress in the clothing and armor of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and have the opportunity to take part in activities that feature middle ages style tournaments, arts exhibits, classes, workshops, dancing, feasts, and more. This provides seven days of middle ages activities for individual attendees, as well as a wonderful opportunity for other educational organizations, schools, and home school groups to learn about life, activities, and arts in the Middle Ages.

What should I know before I attend Estrella War?

There are many things to consider when attending Estrella War. Whether you camp for the full week of the event, or stay at a nearby hotel, you should carefully plan for lots of walking (the site is very big), for sudden changes in weather, and remember to pack the important comforts of home you need to have an enjoyable time in the Current Middle ages. We recommend reviewing the rest of the Preparing to Attend section of the website.

What on-site services are available at Estrella War?

Your entrance fee to the Estrella War includes the use of shower trucks, porta-potties (sorry, no flush toilets!) and a number of other on-site services. We also provide a list of nearby businesses and medical facilities.

What is there to do?

There are dozens of areas of middle ages activities to watch at Estrella War, and many activities you can participate in depending on your age, and experience with that activity. These range from arts demonstrations, cooking competitions, dances, and several types of middle ages style martial combat. For example, the SCA has stringent safety requirements for people who wish to participate in our middle ages-style combat activities (standards for both for the protective armor you must wear and the skill level of the participant) – so not everyone can enter a tournament. But everyone can watch the activities, and interested new fighters can always find someone to explain how a new person can get started (just ask!). Here are a few suggestions:

In addition to these wonderful choices, there are many SCA ceremonial events like Royal Courts and processions, and a Grand Court jointly held by the SCA Kings and Queens who are attending the event. Attending Grand Court is a wonderful way to see SCA Royalty from the 20 SCA Kingdoms located all over the Known World – all in their finest Royal attire, attended by courtiers, and displaying the heraldry and regalia that identifies their SCA Kingdom.

On Site Services

Services Arranged by the SCA

The SCA arranges a number of on-site services that all attendees at the event may use. These include:

  • Porta-potties , or “privies” as they are called in the SCA, are conveniently placed throughout the main roads, Merchants Row, and in locations used for archery, combat scenarios, tourneys, special events, ceremonies, childrens and SCA Courts. As a convenience, ADA accessible privies are included in high traffic areas like Merchants Row and the main areas. All privies are regularly serviced throughout the event.
  • Dumpsters, ash cans (for ashes from fire pits), and grey water disposal stations are conveniently placed throughout the site and are regularly serviced throughout the event.
  • Free onsite hot showers are provided, usually in “shower trucks” placed in two locations at the site.
  • ATMs are available on Merchant’s Row and at Gatespo.
  • Central locations are setup where you can find and speak to War Staff about services or problems at the event. You can find the location of these on the site map in the Gate Book you receive when you arrive at the event. These usually include:
    • First Aid where you can get assistance with basic first aid and medical problems, use electrical outlets for recharging or using medical devices (outlets are reserved for use by those with special medical needs) and items that need to be deposited in a designated Sharp’s container.
    • The Watch Point where you can take or look for lost children and animals, pick up or drop off lost and found items, or report any issues at the event.
    • Volunteer & Hospitality Point where you can sign up to assist with activities at the event and where you can take questions for the War Staff or ask about services and facilities at the event. Hospitality provides hot drinks and lunches for EW volunteers.
    • Merchant, Special Events, and Stewards Point where all you questions can be answered concerning Merchant’s Row, the Special Events offered and any thing else about the war.
    • Herald’s Point for Heraldic Consultation and device submissions.
    • Front Gate where you can take questions for Parking, Towing and Event Fees as well as Lost & Found.
  • UPS delivery of packages to the site can be arranged for attendees and merchants. See “Ship Items to Site” for more information.
  • For information about RVs and RV camping, please see Parking and RVs. For information about where to camp, please see Land and Camping.

Optional Services Individual Attendees Can Arrange

At past Estrella Wars, several vendors used by the SCA have also provided special services for individual attendees at the event. These have included:

  • Rentals and delivery of tents, tables, chairs, heaters, cots, lighting and many other items can be arranged with Classic Party Rentals (Contact: 602-232-9900 or see www.classicpartyrentals.com) Please specify you are a private party attending Estrella War.
  • RV waste pumping for RVs is in the Dry RV Parking rules section of this web site.

Please watch this page for contact information for these and other optional vendor services that may become available at Estrella War. Questions about these services can be directed to the Site Setup/Vendors Coordinator.


Is camping available at Estrella War, and what services are available?

Yes, your entrance fee includes access to camping areas and a number of services provided by the SCA and the property owner at the event site. Most people who attend Estrella War camp at the event for  all or part of the event. Limited dry RV camping is also available, and there are hotels nearby. For more information, see the camping and local lodging information on this website.

Estrella War Shuttle hours and information:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Thursday – Saturday 8 AM – 11 PM
  • Sunday 6 AM – 6 PM
  • Monday 7 AM – 9 AM

We have regular shuttle carts and a ramp equipped cart for those who need a little extra help.

If you find yourself in the far east side parking lot and need a ride, there will be a radio box located on the north side next to Handicap parking. Simply press the talk button, state that you are at east side parking, and what type of cart you need. We’ll be there shortly!

If you require a ride outside the above hours, please let us know in advance to make those arrangements.

Estrella War Special Needs Coordinator: –specialneeds@estrellawar.org

How do people know where they can camp?

Since each SCA Kingdom determines how their assigned camping area is used, the best way to determine where you camp at Estrella War is to work through your local SCA Group. This is best done before you leave home, by contacting the Ruling Nobility or Seneschal of the SCA group closest to you and asking if you can have a camping space reserved to camp with them. As an alternative, you can also contact your Kingdom’s Estrella War Land Coordinator.

Individual Kingdom Land Coordinators are responsible for administering the use and division of their Kingdom’s camping area for their Kingdom’s populace. If you have a question about your Kingdom’s camping area, or wish to reserve land for your encampment, please contact the Land Coordinator for your Kingdom.

Where can I camp, and who do I camp with?

We are still collecting information and will be making a concerted effort to explore new sites presented sooner rather than later. If you believe you have a location or have any further suggestions, feedback or ideas, please send details to the Kingdom Deputy Seneschal – Estrella War Site/Cartography Coordinator, Master Gavin McLaren.

Is Estrella War ADA accessible?

Most well trafficked areas (like Merchant’s Row) have ADA accessible porta-potties available, ADA accessible showers are provided at the shower trucks, and a limited number of electrical outlets are reserved at First Aid for recharging or using medical devices. In addition, a Special Needs Coordinator is available to provide golf cart transport for those with special needs (requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve, as-available basis.) Please check the Gatebook you receive when you arrive at the event for the days/hours this Special Needs service is provided, and how you can request it.



A list of nearby medical facilities and pharmacies is also included on this website for your convenience. If you wish more information about ADA access or services, please email your questions to the Special Needs Coordinator before you arrive at the event.

Shopping & Goods

What do the merchants sell?

Almost anything you might need for Estrella War or any other SCA event is for sale at Estrella War, including a wonderful selection of food. Whether you need armor, costumes, accessories, books, jewelry, middle ages-styled furniture or the supplies to construct these or many other middle ages items, you can find it all on Estrella War’s Merchant’s Row where over 150 merchants operate booths each year. Many merchants accept personal checks with proper identification, and an increasing number will take major credit cards. If it’s cash only, there are ATM machines available on Merchant’s Row.

How can I be a merchant?

People from all over the world attend Estrella War each year, and that’s a wonderful sales opportunity for merchants selling middle ages themed merchandise. Merchants must pre-register with the Merchant Coordinator to participate, and are required to have core sales items consistent with the historical time period of the SCA or current SCA usage. Booth operators and their assistants are also required to dress in middle ages style clothing throughout the event. Check out our Merchants section for more information.

We have tried to anticipate all of the questions attendees at Estrella War may have about the event and provide that information on this website. But there is always something we miss. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please review the War Staff list and contact the person in charge of that area with your question. If you can’t determine who to send the question to, contact the Main Event Coordinators.