Preparation Guide

You will need to make a plan and pack your clothing, supplies, and encampment to ensure you haven’t left important equipment behind!

Plan to hydrate!

Regardless of the weather. The desert air is very dry, and dangerous dehydration happens very quickly in Arizona! Be sure everyone in your party brings a bag or basket to carry water for themselves when they leave camp. Your body gives off excessive moisture in the dry desert climate no matter what the weather is like. This is especially important for children, and during periods of physical exertion (like putting up/taking down your camp or working or fighting on the battlefield). Remember also that adult beverages and caffeine dehydrate the body, so drink plenty of water.

Protect your skin!

Bring sunscreen, a hat or head covering, a parasol, and remember to stand in the shade when you can. Remember also to bring shade and watering supplies for pets, medications for sunburn, and moisturizers/hand lotion. Bring clothing that adapts to weather changes during the day. Dress in layers that can easily be removed as the morning heats up, and replaced as the evening cools down. Cover your head at night to avoid excess heat loss.

Make sure to always have a dry set of clothes!

Put at least one change of clothing, shoes, socks, and bedding into plastic trash bags to ensure you have something dry to wear, an umbrella, and something dry to cover yourself with, if there were to be rain.

Should I camp or get a hotel?


Setting up and staying in a camp at Estrella War includes bringing many more items than staying in a nearby hotel. In addition to a tent, and bedding, camping also includes lights (flashlights, lanterns, enclosed candles, etc.), things needed to keep warm at night and dry during rain, a table and chairs to sit on, and maybe even an above ground firepit (with fire extinguisher).

Even though you can ship items to the site, or have someone else bring things to the event for you, flying into the Estrella War will limit the things you can bring to the event. On the other hand, if you’re hauling a 20 ft trailer, you may have room to take your own things, and a few items for other people.

Set up for ANY weather!

Use sufficient stakes and ropes, and drive tent stakes at an angle to give a better foothold to your tent (straight up and down pull right out in Atenveldt winds). Sleep off of the ground if at all possible, and make your bed in layers.

What food should I bring?

Are you living on sandwiches and cold drinks, cooking for yourself and a family, or sharing a kitchen with others? There are usually several food merchants at Estrella War, so you can plan to eat one or two meals a day on Merchant’s Row. But you will need to bring food, drinks, and cooking supplies if you plan to cook for yourself and others at war. That means a stove (propane or wood), dinnerware, some way to wash and clean cookware, utensils and dishes, and ice chests and coolers to keep things fresh until (and after) the food is prepared.

Don't forget your medications!

Bring all of your prescriptions and over-the counter medications, including seasonal allergy medications, and take them!