Everyone working at the Estrella War, from the main Event Coordinators to the person you see standing at the entrance directing traffic, is an unpaid volunteer. They work to make the Estrella War happen for many reasons.

It’s easy to volunteer a few hours helping with the work that makes the Estrella War run.

Perks of Volunteering

  • It’s fun to interact with people from all over the Known World! We have people from as far as Sweden and Germany attend, so come meet them all!
  • You can make new, lasting friendships!  There’s nothing like the bonding that happens when people work together.
  • You get a front row seat for lots of things! Field supporters and marshals get an “up close” view of the heavy combat, rapier, and youth combat.
  • Working makes you eligible for gifts given in a Volunteer Raffle! Each year, the generous merchants in Merchant’s Row donate gifts to be given to people who volunteer at Estrella War. When you complete your volunteer hours, you are given Raffle Voucher(s) for the hours and area where you worked, and asked to take those Vouchers to Volunteer Point to receive Raffle Tickets. The number of tickets you receive is based on the number of hours worked. Raffles are then held to randomly select people who have volunteered at the event to receive the wonderful items donated by the Estrella War merchants. See the Gatebook for the time and place that Volunteer Raffles will be held.

Where is help needed?

  • We are always in need of special officers like warranted exchequers, youth coordinators, and marshals. If you are warranted for any office within your SCA group we have a place for you!
  • You and a group of your friends (or people from your home SCA group) can make arrangements to work a specific shift together. This can be done before or after you arrive at the event by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator. For example, a Barony, Shire or Canton can ask to cover a specific shift at Front Gate or the Watch, serve as Field Supporters for a specific day of combat, assist with setup of the heavy combat battlefield, or help with site tear-down on the last Monday of the event. Please keep in mind that we may need to split larger groups to help cover areas in need.
  • You can sign up to volunteer at the Front Gate when you arrive.
  • You can go to Volunteer Point and sign up to volunteer at any time during the event (see the Gatebook for the location of Volunteer Point).
  • You can contact a Staff Member before you leave home, and offer to help in their specific area. For example, you can contact the Kingdom Herald if you wish to assist at Herald’s Point.
  • Questions about how to volunteer and where volunteers are to report to work can be answered by the Volunteer Coordinator, or by going to Volunteer Point when you arrive at the event.