Merchants Registration

Merchant Registration is not yet open.


Greetings and welcome to the Estrella Merchant Registration page!

Our goal is to provide an exciting and diverse shopping experience for all.


Merchant registration information will be available very soon!  


In the meantime, the following are some initial requirements to consider if you want to merchant at Estrella War 2021.


Requirements to Merchant at Estrella War

There are a few key rules that must be followed to be accepted as a Merchant at Estrella War.  

  1. You must follow the SCA INC., Estrella War Site Rules, at all times.
  2. You must have an appropriate merchant tent. Our goal is to welcome merchants that enjoy the spirit of the event and having a Merchant with a more medieval style set-up and display goes a long way. Pop ups and garage tents are discouraged and have shown to be a liability to other merchants.
  3. You must sell appropriate merchandise. This is another scenario where medieval style products and displays will make it more enjoyable for the populace. 
  4. You must demonstrate courtesy and respect for other Merchants, as well as for the Merchant Coordinator and their staff, at all times.   Please remember that this is a voluntary job and the person in charge of the merchant area is doing their best to make sure you have a smooth and fun experience. We look forward to our returning vendors and will continue to welcome you back, as long as there is mutual respect observed. 
  5. You must submit a complete and accurate Merchant Registration packet, along with full payment, by the deadline given. We have a limited number of spaces for Merchants and Food vendors at the event, so the sooner you submit all of your information, the better.
    1. It is important to understand that a confirmation of a received application does not imply that you have been awarded a space. You will be notified as quickly as possible if a packet or payment is received incomplete.