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Lost & Found Archive

All items are in possession of the Atenveldt Kingdom sheriff. Please contact them directly regarding retrieval of goods.

The Watch


  1. The Watch is here to watch, look, listen, and report only. The Watch will report any major incidents to Watch Command or Shift Lead so as to notify the Mains immediately. This is needed in order to make sure proper procedure is followed per Corpora.
  2. The Watch’s main duties are to patrol Merchant’s row and the gates. All other areas are second priority to this.
  3. The front gate and back gate will be manned by The Watch 24 hours per day, from the Monday before War begins until noon of War closing.
  4. The Watch is to immediately call Watch Command, Seneschal and Mains if outside law enforcement needs to be contacted. It will be the Seneschal and Mains that will make the call.
  5. If an event attendee chooses to call law enforcement themselves, The Watch will notify Watch Command, the Seneschal and Mains, and then will (as required by Corpora) remove themselves from the situation. There is to be no interviewing of the person calling by any staff member.
  6. Merchant’s row is to be patrolled on foot only.
  7. The Watch is asked to not interact with the any law enforcement and/or medical personnel that will be on site. If you have a situation that needs to be handled by these personnel, please contact the Mains and Seneschal on radio channel 4.
  8. The Watch is asked to notify Watch Command, the Mains AND Seneschal, whenever law enforcement, county officials, or the fire department comes on to site, immediately!
  9. The Watch will coordinate with the Mains and EMT Coordinators to define and control emergency routes through the site should emergency services need to be called in.

These regulations have been reviewed by the Seneschalate and are to be followed at all times.

What is The Watch?

The Watch is a group of volunteers that ensure the safety of attendees, staff, merchants, and the general public by monitoring activity during the event, making sure that site rules and SCA policy are being observed, and maintaining an area for the collection and storage of lost and found property. Ultimately, the Watch helps provide the atmosphere needed to create the Current Middle Ages by keeping a watchful eye on the modern world.

The Estrella War staff gives the highest priority to the safety of attendees and their encampments at Estrella War, and asks that everyone attending the event assist them by reading and following the guidelines in the event Site Rules. Please pay special attention to the noise and minor curfews.

The Watch Pavilion is the central location from which the Watch staff for the Estrella War is managed, and is also the place where Lost and Found items are stored until the close of the event. Lost items should be reported to the Watch Pavilion, and unclaimed items may be taken to the Watch Pavilion (or reclaimed there) until the event closes.

While the location and hours of operation for the Watch Pavilion varies from year to year, it is generally open and manned 24 hours a day from opening morning until the Monday when the event site closes. Volunteers are always needed to assist with the Watch at Estrella War, especially with the late night shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. We invite you and your friends to sign up to work the Watch shifts individually or as a group. You can sign up in person at Volunteer Point, or the Watch Pavilion.

Remember, too, that you and a group of your friends (or people from your home SCA group) can make arrangements to work a specific Watch shift together. For example, a Barony, Shire or Canton can ask to cover a specific Watch shift at the event. This can be done before or after you arrive at the event by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator.

Shifts (6 Hour Increments)

  • 6 am to 12 noon
  • 12 noon to 6 pm
  • 6 pm to 12 midnight
  • 12 am to 6 am
  • The final shift will be an 8 hour shift from 12 am to 8 am on Monday

Please contact the Watch Coordinator if you have any questions, or you are a group who would like to take on the responsibility of manning a 6-hour shift.

Guidelines & Schedule

The Watch schedule coming soon for 2021.

The Watch understands that everyone has obligations, as well as the right to enjoy Estrella in their own time and provide what assistance they can at their own discretion. We are all volunteers and we are generously providing our time and energy to make this glorious War a reality.
To that effect, this policy will be strictly enforced by The Watch organizers:

  • All positions will be asked work a minimum of a 2 hour shift (excluding senior staff).
  • Senior Staff will be asked to work 6 hour shifts.
  • Volunteers may not work more than 8 hours per 24 hour period.
  • All Volunteer shifts will end on time, and relief volunteers will be provided by Senior Staff.